Friday, October 30, 2015

New Bible Study

 I mentioned in a recent post that we were beginning a new Bible study in a small city an hour north of us.  We were able to hold two studies there in October.  The first one was with the main family that has been visiting our church over the past couple of months on Sunday nights.  We are doing a discipleship study using the book of Philippians.  At the end of the first week, we encouraged them to do the daily devotionals using a guide that was included in the study.

We were so excited as we began the second study to see that they had completed all the weekly studies and had questions and comments about what they were learning!  There was a new joy in their eyes as they shared testimony of how being in God´s Word during the week gave them a hunger for Him and strength to live the Christian life.

We were also thrilled to see our group double in size from 6 the first week to 12 the second!  Please continue to pray for this group that they would begin to glimpse the greatness of our God and the work He has begun in them!

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