Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Family Update!

Our family is doing well, by God´s grace!  Christen and I praise the Lord for unity and peace in our marriage.  The kids are growing so quickly and we are thankful to see a hunger for God and His Word in Hannah.  Recently she came to Christen one morning excited when she learned that when Jesus said he would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days He was talking about himself. his death and resurrection!  How precious it is to see fruit in the lives of your children.  Rachel, my sister has agreed to stay  one more year to help out with homeschooling and to continue her ministries in the church.  School has been going really well and we praise the Lord for her patience and dedication to our children.  Jeremiah is always full of life and this often leads him into trouble!  Recently he was playing with some friends and shot a stone into our neighbors window.  As he went over to apologize to the lady, she invited us to stay for a visit.  Jeremiah was served generously by this woman.  She poured him soda in a fancy goblet, fixed him a plate filled with various sweet treats and chose a program on TV that he would enjoy while we talked.  Jeremiah and I talked about how Jesus treats us the same way.  We sin and rebel against Him and He continues to forgive us and lavish us with good gifts.   Daniel recently went through a trial and we were so amazed at his Christ-like response.  For Christmas Daniel received a PS4 from his uncle. Due to the thefts here at home, we are in the habit of either hiding our valuables when we leave or loading them into backpacks and taking them with us wherever we go.  Last month on a Wednesday night one of the kids we take to church left our car door open a crack.  When we locked the car remotely we didn´t notice the door.  After church we found that his backpack with his PS had been stolen.  He didn´t get angry or lash out, but I could tell he was crushed.  When we got home we wrote an email to his uncle telling him how it was stolen but he knew that God had a plan and all of this would somehow be for his good and God´s glory!    Will you pray for Daniel as he has been struggling for the past month with stomach problems.  We have taken him to the doctor and are waiting to get the blood-work back for a more definitive diagnosis.  

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Laura said...

It's been a while since I have been on your blog. I know you have shared some of this with me but to read it again brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am so excited to hear all three of your kids growing in their relationships with Christ. It is so awesome to see how God is at work in each of them. Love and miss you all!