Sunday, August 23, 2015

IBR Ladies Retreat

Redemption Baptist Church was privileged to host our 1st annual ladies retreat last weekend! 
We had 21 ladies, which included 6 ladies from a small church over 8 hours away on the boarder of Paraguay.  I am sharing photo highlights from our weekend!  Hope it will be a blessing to you as it was to us! 

 Our theme was Women of The Word...being transformed daily into the image of Christ.

We asked my mother-in-law to be our speaker for the event and she did a wonderful job.

I had prayed specifically for good weather as the hotel we stayed at is in a beautiful valley filled with hot springs and an amazing river.  God answered and as you will see in the pictures, we took advantage of God's magnificent creation all weekend!

 Often times at retreats we run from one event to the next with little time for personal bible study and reflection.  We planned those quiet moments into our program so the women could really take advantage of the weekend for Spiritual retreat as well as physical retreat.  Here, my friend Meire is doing a Personal Vitality Plan that helps us evaluate our lives and prioritize growth and change.  I have attached a link to this plan that is published by Revive our Hearts.  Excellent resource!

 We were blessed to be able to give bags full of goodies to each lady, which included a book of their choice, our conference booklet, soap (to use in the thermal baths, originally installed in 1845 imported from Italy!) pen, candy and more!  

 Saturday afternoon we had a craft time filled with laughs and creativity!  

Me and two of my right-hand ladies enjoying a quick coffee on the patio overlooking the river.  

 We are so thankful for these two young-men who drove 6 women to our retreat from more than 8 hours away!  
One of these ladies went home greatly encouraged in the Lord to find that one of her sons had spent to weekend doing drugs with a friend, and the other who is unsaved but attends church occasionally, decided that he wasn't going to go to church anymore because it only made his life worse, not better.  
She shared how she has been able to deal with her sons in a Christ-honoring way in part because of the teaching from the retreat.  She also has never had the habit of personal devotions and since the retreat has been reading the Word daily and sharing with her sons what she is learning.  

 One of these ladies shared a prayer request on Wednesday with the women...
"Pray that my husband and I would not let this desire to know the Lord grow cold.  
Pray that we would continue to seek Him daily."  
 Times of singing, times of prayer, times of testimony, times of studying the word in small groups...I praise the Lord for all that He did and continues to us in us, the women of IBR!
One final blessing to share...
we rented space in a hotel, but often were rubbing shoulders with other guests.  
Because of this we had many opportunities to share the gospel with others, including the staff.
Saturday night we had four women sit with us during our study time and two stayed  afterward to request prayer for their adopted son.  
God is good!  

Many women shared what a challenge it was to leave their families and homes to spend the weekend away...Many almost didn't come...but in the end, they all praised the Lord for His provision and strength in making the way possible!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ups and Downs... Trusting God with the outcome

Ministry is always full of ups and downs as you really have no control over the outcome of your "work."

André, whom many of you have prayed for over the years, has been in and out of our lives for five years now.  A husband, and father of three teens, he was a humble but hard working man.   He only completed his education up to the second grade and thus cannot read.  But what he lacked in formal education, he made up for in hard work.  His family never went hungry and he was well known in the community.  James has done many Bible studies with him, for a time even worked with him to teach him to read as André wanted to read the Bible.  His wife and oldest son have accepted Christ as Savior and the family is very involved in the church.  
But, the last three years he has become more and more involved in the local drug culture.  He no longer works a regular job, and any money he does make goes straight to his habit.  He treats his family as a burden and there is no peace in the home as they struggle weekly to survive.   He has had many scares as his brother was killed for a R$10 ($3 dollar) drug debt and more recently a well-known  woman in the community was murdered over a drug debt.  But after short times of remorse which include going back to work, attending church, and treating his family better, he always reverts back to drugs.  In his mind, he needs no help, he is not addicted.  He can stop anytime.  
Then, last Saturday, a miracle happens... he shows up at our door asking for help  to be taken to a drug rehab facility.  
James spends the afternoon on the phone getting everything set up for him to go.  He is at church on Sunday.  He and his family spend the afternoon with us and Sunday night he is at church again.  The family is it real this time?
Tuesday James and another pastor drive him 100Km to the Baptist rehab center.  He takes two Bibles along with him. By 5 pm on Tuesday he is checked in and ready to go.  We all pray that he will stay, it is a 6 month program, but it is voluntary.  

Thursday at lunch time we get the call...
He wants to come home.  He is all better. It is just too hard.  
James spends another hour trying to convince him to stay,
to choose God's way.
to choose his family.
to choose life.

By 5 pm Thursday he is back home.  

What do you say to the children who have prayed in faith for years that their father be saved? 
To the wife who slaves alone to support her children?
What do you say to the man who chooses death?

Pray for André that God will save him before it is  too late.
Pray for Teresinha as she fights to trust God in this situation
Pray for Rafael, Guilherme and Larissa that they will not lose faith in an all-powerful and all-loving God.  

Sunday, August 09, 2015

It´s Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day from 
Redemption Baptist Church!