Thursday, May 28, 2015

Iron Sharpening Iron

We recently had the honor to receive 14 men from the state to the south of us for a special time of fellowship and communion.  
These men drove up 6 hours, bringing their fine art of churrasco with them (grilling)! They camped out in our living rooms and joined us for our Sunday morning service before heading home.  
Along with our men and young men we had almost 30 men.  
It was a special time of fellowship and encouragement for all the men.  A highlight of the weekend was the time of testimony, hearing  how God is working, calling men to salvation.  

One of the men has an amazing ministry of reaching the lost.  He starts off by living out his Christianity in his work place.  He then invites men to his home for a 4-6 week evangelistic Bible study.  Over time he has led several co-workers to the Lord and these families are a key part of the church plant there in the greater Porto Alegre area.  
Another interesting testimony was from a young man who accepted Christ as his Savior at a camp.  He went back to his Lutheran church and began sharing what he learned in the Word with several other young men and God began to work, saving and transforming a group within this church.  The pastor of this church began to be concerned that these young men would lead "astray" the others in the young adult group and so she called a Baptist pastor she knew and "turned over" this group to him to shepherd.  This became the core of what will one day become a new church in another suburb of Porto Alegre.

Hearing of God's work in another area gave our men a boost of encouragement to keep fighting the good fight...for in due time we will bear fruit if we do not lose heart!

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