Thursday, April 16, 2015

Santa Catarina in Pictures

We recently took a trip into the interior of our state and visited a small German Community.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful place we live.

 Large bromelias common here in Brazil

 Hannah with a statue in honor of the immigrants that came from Germany to Southern Brazil

 Catholic church in São Martinho

The German communities here are split between Catholic and Lutheran

 Authentic German Restaurant we visited

 Loved this old church in the woods.
Literally in the woods!  
We drove for 20 minutes on dirt roads, crossing one lane wooden bridges and came upon this spot.  The kids loved having a chance to ring the church bells!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Friday Afternoons

For the past couple of months James and Sandro have been going out on Friday afternoons to share the Gospel.  They have had many interesting experiences from sharing the Gospel in a small mall near our home, to follow-up visits from our kids club, to gospel conversations with local business owners.  They had a great talk with one man about salvation, and at the end he gave his business card to them and offered to install the glass in our church for free.  They have talked with people who have achieved "sinless perfection" and then last week met with a young man made a profession of faith.

Through it all they have seen Gods leading and provision, even on rainy days!

In the past few weeks God has allowed several of these visits to lead to one on one Bible studies.   One lady they met right away asked "Do you all do Bible Studies?"   Pray for James and I as we are planning to begin a study with her.  

This has been a great time of sharpening each other and motivational for the rest of the church.  It seems like we are all far more aware of the spiritual needs of the world around us.

So if you think about us on Friday afternoons, pray for us as we are out sharing the good news of Jesus to the best of our abilities.