Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Blessings upon our arrival

As most of you know, we were blessed to travel to the states for a month over Christmas/Summer break.  I wanted to share some of the blessings of the Lord that we experienced. 

1 – We praise the Lord for three core families that committed to stay in town and care for the church while we traveled. 
·         They took care of the preaching, song leading, children’s church, nursery, weekly Bible studies and more!
·         They took care of the body.  One of our elderly women fell and broke her knee while we were gone.  They stepped up and cared for her needs both physical and spiritual.
·         They took care of taking our young people to camp (a trip of 3 ½ hours each way!)
·         They took care of our home.  One of our men stayed at our house for us, taking care of our dogs and fish, as well as just being a presence against thieves.

2.  Upon our arrival back at the airport, we were picked up by two of our men.  From there we experienced more blessings!
·         Our car was cleaned inside and out and smelled wonderful!
·         At home two of our women welcomed us with hugs!
o   They had cleaned our house from top to bottom, even the refrigerator!
o   Opened all the windows
o   Washed all the bedding
o   Lit candles to give a warm welcome

3.  Our first night back three families stopped by to greet and welcome us home.

4.  The next evening we heard singing in the street and looked out the window to find most of our church family standing in front of our house, singing a welcome and carrying food and drinks for a welcome reception!

We feel so blessed by the church family that God has given us! 

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The Way said...

So thankful to read about such open arms for Christ and his servants. Would love to share my blog with you. Hope it blesses you as your blog is blessing me: