Thursday, December 18, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - The 4 weeks of Advent

Week 3 
Ladies Presentation
 This week we celebrated how Christ's coming at Christmas led the way to Redemption for those who believe in Him.  We looked at Ephesians 2 which reminds us of our condition without Christ...Dead in our sins, slaves to the prince of this earth.  Then Jesus came, and by His grace called us to new life, and freedom in HIM!
We ended our program by doing Cardboard testimonies.  It was challenging as none of our ladies had ever seen it done. In the end everyone was moved to see evidences of God's transforming grace in the lives of their sisters in Christ. 

Dn. Lore shared in her testimony:
My son died,
I blasphemed God.
Then God is His great mercy comforted me, consoled me and today I am happy to serve Him!

Another lady shared:
I was a Liar.
Today I speak the truth because I have come to KNOW Him who is the TRUTH.

 I am so thankful for each of these ladies and their commitment to the Lord.  Their willingness to openly share what God is doing in their lives not only encourages us all, it binds us together in new and more meaningful ways. 

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