Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - the 4-weeks of Advent

 This year our church is celebrating Christmas with four short programs; 
one each Sunday of Advent.  
Sunday was the first program and the children of the world called us to 
Come and Worship God in a manger! 
 After a year of piano lessons with Aunt Rachel, all three of our kids played Christmas songs as part of the program.  Hannah, who was dressed as a dutch girl, did a wonderful joy playing  
O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
 Jeremiah, one of our wise men, played Go Tell it on the Mountain!
Daniel played during the lighting of the first advent candle.  He played several duets with Aunt Rachel.  They each did a wonderful job and James and I are very proud of their hard work and their joy in serving the Lord through music.  

Pray for us and the next three presentations.  We are using each of these Sundays as special days to invite loved one and neighbors to hear the Good News of the Gospel -- God´s gift to us this Christmas!

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