Monday, October 06, 2014

Teaming up for the Gospel

This year we have done less "formal" evangelism projects at our church.  Instead James has focused  on equipping and encouraging our people to reach out to the people God has placed in their lives; neighbors, friends, family, co-workers and so on.  We are so excited to see how God is working in our people to be a light to those around them. 

 We recently teamed up to go bowling with one of our church families and their new neighbors.  It was a fun time of getting to know one another but also to talk about the Gospel.   God has used His body at IBR to reach into the lives of this couple to share the Gospel; to share that our salvation is secured in Christ alone and not by our continued efforts of obedience. 
These encounters are a great reminder of how believers can work together to be Christ to the nations!
How can you team up with someone from your church to reach out to an unbelieving friend?

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