Friday, October 31, 2014

I think he has come out of the tomb


 In the past few months one of our old contacts has moved back into the area and has started coming to church again.  She has a new man in her life who has been coming to church along with her.  We had noticed how attentive he was during the messages and Bible studies and recently James had a really interesting conversation with him.

James:  Where do you think you stand in relationship to God?

Friend:  I am understanding the word and trying to change and live according to what it teaches.

This response raised a red flag so James went into the Gospel with him. 

James:  We come into this world dead in our sins -  

Friend:  nodded in agreement

James:  Like the story of Lazarus --

Friend:  I remember that from the message last week.

James:  Like Lazarus, before you can LIVE the new life you have to be given the new life by Jesus.  Dead people can't do anything for Jesus Christ. 

Friend: I think that has happened to me.   

As James and he continued to talk, he led James to believe that he had received new life.   We can never know the heart of anyone but we are excited to think that he may have been saved!

We praise the Lord for His Sovereign work in calling dead men out of the tomb to New Life in Christ!

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Ann said...

So glad to hear this!