Monday, September 22, 2014

We've got a teenager!

 Friday our first born turned 13! 
To celebrate this big day we went to an amusement park about an hour from here.

 We were thankful that James' parents could drive down to join us for the day.  

 It was Daniel's first time at an amusement park and we covered all the basics.... 
 simple, starter rides...

 Fun water rides...

 Thrilling roller coasters...
(This is actually a picture of Daniel and James -7th car from the front)

 Classics... like the bamboo logs!

 Then, the BIG TOWER!
Daniel, Hannah, Rachel and I rode this one.  
100 Meters high, about a 30 story free fall, reaching speeds up to 120 Km/hr
I don't think anyone wants to do this one again!

The cool thing about this park is that it has much more than just rides, it has a zoo, a historic train ride through the Atlantic rain forest, including a reenactment of an old-time train hold up, an awesome stunt car show!  All in all, we had a wonderful day.

James and I are both so thankful for Daniel.  He is a blessing to our family.  We praise God for his servants heart, his desire to grow in the Lord, his sensitivity to God.  Last week Daniel and I were sitting at the table together and he asked how I was doing spiritually.  To know that my son cares about my walk with the Lord is huge blessing.  We pray that God will continue the good work He has begun in Daniel and that as he grows physically he will also grow spiritually into a man who fears God and walks humbly with his God. 

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