Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little girls...growing up

 Our little girl is growing up!  
For years Hannah sucked her fingers. 
It started as an infant and with all the moving around we did on deputation it never seemed like the right time to break the habit. 
Later she was adapting to living a new country and it still didn´t seem like the right time...
Finally she was 5, 6, 7 years old and still sucking her fingers.  By now we had tried EVERYTHING to break the habit but nothing worked.  
I finally found a product on Amazon called Mavala Stop which worked wonders!  She stopped sucking but then started biting her nails so we went back to using the Mavala Stop for a while.  Finally she had no desire to put her fingers in her mouth!  

My beautiful 10 year old now has lovely nails and enjoys painting them at home.  
I decided it would be fun to get her nails done at a salon during our winter break.  
She had so much fun selecting her color, in fact she chose 2 colors! 
It was a fun day out for both of us.  
That´s my girl!!!   
Definitely growing up... but we pray that as she matures and grows physically she will grow in her understanding of God´s love for her and her love for the Lord. 

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