Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wrapping up the Month

We had a very full and fun weekend!  
I wanted to spend a few minutes catching you all up...

On Saturday we welcomed some fellow missionaries for a visit.
Evandro and Erica are here in the south for a few more months and so they thoughtfully came down for one last visit before their move back to the north of Brazil where they are planting a church.  


 Not long after they arrived, we held our bi-monthly men's and women's bible studies.  
The ladies met at our house while the men met at our neighbor's house.   

After the study we met up for a soup buffet!  It was perfect for a cool evening.  

 Sunday morning we officially welcomed our new members into the body!
We praise the Lord for this family and the work that He is doing in and through them.


 Sunday night we had our first missionary presentaion as Evandro shared about their ministry in the north.  We pray that this is the first of many missionaries to share with our church.
 We also had the priviledge of celebrating Dn. Lore's 75th birthday. 
I think she was overwhelmed with the church's response to her and the love they poured out on her.
We praise the Lord for her.  She has a hunger for the Word of God and studies constantly.
She is leading a weekly bible study with her unsaved neighbors and is boldly confronting the lies of satan.  She is fighting to trust God daily to meet her needs physically and spiritually.  
We are so thankful to have her here at IBR!
 After the service we celebrated all the July birthdays. 
 Usually Dn. Lore organizes these but we gave her the month off so she could enjoy the festivities. 
 Monday morning we headed off for a day of fishing.  Daniel spent some time on Nathaniel duty...
This entailed keeping Nathaniel out of the water and distracting him with little treasures in the sand!  
He did a great job.
 James and Evandro spent a good amount of time getting the kids fishing gear set up...
But did eventually find time to fish themselves.

Even the girls had fun with Lana's little pole!

 Jeremiah was super excited to fish and actually caught 4 blow fish!  
You can't eat blow fish but they sure are fun to catch and then kick back into the water all blown up like balloons!
 James had the catch of the day, landing the the biggest fish he has caught since we moved here.  We brought it home and grilled it up!  YUMMY!!!!    We are sure proud of our fisherman!
As I said, it was full but fun weekend.  
 Tuesday our friends went back to Curitiba and took Daniel with them
 so he could visit his grandparents.  
 So, we are down to only two kids and our home does feel empty! 
We are so thankful for the encouragment of having Evandro and Erica with us for a few days.  
God does know our needs and always meets them!

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