Thursday, July 10, 2014

Missionary Culture

We are American Missionaries living in Brazil.
Our lives are full of constant contrasts and divided affections

We wanted Brazil to win the World Cup
We wanted America to do well

 On the way to our 4th of July celebration with some fellow missionaries we stopped to buy Brazil flags to put on the side mirrors of our car. 
 We get to Grandma's house and make US flags out of Playdough, 4th of July sugar cookies and
 US colored jello.
 Over breakfast we hear a report from Daniel on American History.

We put on our most Red, White and Blue clothes, (All our Old Navy Flag shirts have grown too small:) and head off to our 4th of July cook-out with Hot dogs and Hamburgers and baked beans. 

But at 5 o'clock Brazil is playing so we quickly switch to our Blue, Green and Yellow clothes and cheer for Brazil.  Finishing off the night with a Brazilian style cook out!

Missionaries have a culture all their own.  Their home country is always in their hearts but while they are gone that culture grows and changes without them and they are left feeling out of place or like they don't quite fit in like they used to.   Their ministry country is in their hearts as well but no matter how hard they try they will never quite fit in there either.  One of the greatest lessons I have learned as a missionary is that we are Strangers and Foreigners...PILGRIMS in this land.  And the longing that I have for a home is really a longing for heaven. 

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Ann said...

This is something I would not have thought about! Thanks for keeping us in the know!