Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Outreach

Saturday we held our World Cup outreach.  
It was misting as we arrived on the field around 7:30 am and we were wondering whether any of kids would show up...  Not long after, the first group of kids arrived.  We praise the Lord for over 40 young men who came out to play!  We are even more thankful for the chance to share the Good News repeatedly with them and their parents!

 First group to arrive at the field

 God blessed us with an awesome support staff!  
These are our registration ladies.

 Before each game, a young man shared the Gospel with the boys using our new tract for the World Cup, The 5 Cards.  This tract is awesome and uses the penalty cards from soccer to share the Gospel. 

 While the teams were playing, the rest of us where using salvation bracelets to share the Gospel with the other kids and the parents who were waiting for their game. 
The kids liked the bracelets so much they stuffed their pockets full of bracelets to take home! 
When we realized what they were doing, we limited them to two...One for them and one for a friend.

 Each of the teams were named after the countries of the World Cup.  
In the end Italy won our tournament! 
Will they win the official World Cup????

 I had to include a picture of our two girls who were there even though they couldn't play!

We are so thankful for the faithful group of servants the Lord has given us here
 at Redemption Baptist.  
- Pray for us as we begin follow up with these boys and their families that we would see some fruit. 
 - Pray that the seeds of the Gospel that were sown into their hearts would bring forth salvation!


GregAndChristy Long said...

Great to read about and see this great opportunity!

GregAndChristy Long said...

Great to read about and see your opportunity to share Christ!