Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Celebrating my birthday

Here in Brazil, May 1st is my birthday and Labor day!  SO... my birthday is always a national holiday!  Am I lucky or what!!!!
 Since there is no school, and there are cooler temperatures and few tourists, we always go exploring a beautiful part of the island.  This year we went on a trail over a mountain to a beach that is only reached by trail or by boat.  Then we hiked around the front of one more smaller mountain and arrived at our goal:  the Lighthouse on the southern tip of the island.  I have wanted to do this trail for as long as I have known about it and finally it worked out to do it.
 It was a beautiful day full of exploring and laughter and family time.
Lots of climbing up and down!
We even found a fun tire swing to stop and play on!
Finally the lighthouse was in view!  We were going to make it!
Do you see it just over the ridge?
This is the view from the lighthouse.  
The ruins of an old fortress from the times when the Spanish and Portuguese disputed these lands. 

We had a wonderful day but the best part was last!  After the lighthouse we decided to stop and get a drink at a little "snack-shack" before climbing back over the moutain to our car.  As we sat down to drink and rest, a man sat near us and began talking.  We found out he loved to read, (which is rare here).  So James asked him if he had a Bible. 

"Oh, yeah,"  he said, " I have read it 8 times and just this morning I was reading in Luke 11.  Have you ever read the Lord's prayer there?  It is so different from the one in Mathew..."

From there we were able to begin an amazing conversation about the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

When James asked him why Jesus died on the cross, he responsed that he hadn't gotten to that part yet. 

As James was explaining, that Christ came to pay the penalty for our sins, he began to admit that he  was a sinner.  He shared how he can't sleep at night because he knows he is guilty of sins that he can never make restitution for.. 

We felt like we were Philip talking to the Ethiopian!

James shared how Chrit's death was sufficent and what Jesus meant when he said from the cross
"It is Finished!"

"I have always wondered what that meant,"  The man said.

We don't know what the final outcome will be for this man, but we are so thankful for the opportunity to share the treasure of Jesus with this precious man. 

This was the BEST birthday gift!

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