Thursday, April 17, 2014

We are His Witnesses!

Weekend Update 

Friday, we worked stamping and folding tracts... 

(I got them started and then went to a class...when I got home the tracks were folded and stamped but I found a few random stamps on my table:)

 Saturday at 3:00 we met at the church, divided into groups ,
 picked up our maps and surveys, PRAYED...

                                          Filled up our wrists with Gospel Braclets... 
 We're ready!
(Daniel was my survey taker, he asked the questions and wrote down the answers. He also lost a tooth during our first visit!!!)
 The first lady my group met happened to be the lady that Teresinha calls when she needs water or gas for her stove.  Although they had never met in person, they had spoken many times on the phone!  How cool to see God orquestrate that meeting.  It openned the door to a good conversation about salvation. 
 We were able to catch a glimps of James and Jeremiah talking with someone on a parallel street.
 Hannah gave out the tracts for us... 
 When we got back everyone was excited to share all their experiences.
 There is nothing harder than knocking on a door and talking to a complete stranger...But when we remember the eternal condition of that person's soul...And the sacrifice of Christ on their behalf...We go...And then we leave excited and more motivated to talk to those we know and love... those we see everyday as school and work and in the neighborhood...We are HIS Witnesses!!!
I am so thankful for this church family and their love for Christ their Savior.  What greater gift can we give Him than proclaiming His finished work on the cross!

Just in case you are interested...Our 3 survey questions were:
1.  What do you think of Christians today?
2.  What do you think of the Church today?
3.  What do you think of Jesus Christ?

This last question allows us to go easily into a Gospel presentation.

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