Friday, April 25, 2014

Celebrating the Ressurrection at Redemption Baptist

We had a full week leading up to Ressurrection Day with lots of opportunities to meditate on Christ's sacrifice in our place  and share His love with others!
During the month of April we encouraged our people to set aside their normal devotional reading and read a chronological account of Jesus' last week in the four Gospels.   
During the week of Easter we bought some mini-roses and gave them out to the kids teachers, the lunch ladies, the cleaning lady and a couple of other ladies in our community with a ressurrection verse in the plant.  It was a way to show the love of Christ as well as a way to remind them of the true meaning of easter. 
 For the first time we had a Friday evening service where we focused on Christ's death, and suffering for our sin.  We also shared the Lord's supper together.  It was a special time and we look forward to remembering together on Friday next year. 
 Sunday we focused exclusively on the Ressurrection and the salvation and victory we have in Christ!  In the morning we looked at the 7 last words of Jesus after the Ressurrection and at night we studied the implications of the Ressurrection in our lives as recorded in Romans 6. 
We had our traditional breakfast and were thrilled to have a full house both in the morning and evening services.  Sunday night one couple came to us wanting to be baptized.  We arrived home tired but excited about all that God had done and is doing in our hearts.  

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