Sunday, March 09, 2014

American Cook-out in Brazil

Recently  a friend from church brought us a giant bag of Brazilian Marshmallows!  
(They know how much we love to eat smores)
We decided that we had to have them over when we made smores so we turned it into an american cook-out!
We built a little fire pit and got out the hot-dogs! 
It is not Brazilian to grill hot dogs and so we all had fun cooking them the American way and then eating them the Brazilian way...
Covered in fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, corn, mayo, crushed potatoes chips and more!

A fun time had by all! 
We are so thankful for our family in Christ.  This family in particular is not only a part of our church family, they are our neighbors and have been there for us on MANY occasions.  When our car rolled out of the driveway and down into the ravine in front of our house, it was this man who ran over to help and loaned us the cash to pay the tow truck.  When our alarm goes off day or night and we are not home, they respond as if it were their house being broken into.  When strange men jump over our wall  and into our yard, they come running with a group of neighbors.  When our world was shaken on it's axis, he said, "Pastor, I am standing behind you, you can count on me." 

This is the family of God, this is the Church of Jesus Christ.  
We pray that we would grow, more and more in this type of sacrificial love,
 because we have been loved RADICALLY by Christ!

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