Friday, January 31, 2014

Summer Camp - Soliders of Christ

The last week of January marks our Junior High Summer Camp!  
It has been a great time for our kids spiritually the past two years we have participated.  
It is incredible to hear how God worked in their lives during that week.
It is our prayer is that they will 
continue on in the things they have learned.

This year we sent 4 boys and many others are looking forward to next year.  
Please pray for this group of young people who are the future of the Church that they would realize the battle we are in daily, as we strive in this world that is NOT our home,
 for the Glory of our Savior!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Praying for Rafael

Friday evening  Rafael was out flying his kite and stepped in front of a car that was exiting the highway.  He was seriously injured and Friday night was in critical condition and we were not sure he would make it. 
 Today we are praising God the he was released from the hospital.  Although he is still in need of much healing, he has sight in both eyes and he has use of both his arms and legs.  God is good and we praise the Lord for his protection of Rafa´s life.  

Please pray with us that Rafael will continue to grow spiritually.  Pray that he will value what God values and be a disciple.  This week he was supposed to be at camp with 4 other young men from our church. Pray that God will work in the lives of these 4 young men as well; that they wouldn't waste their lives here on this earth.  Pray as well for Rafael's dad, Andre, that he would surrender to Christ for salvation.  Pray for strength for Teresinha, (as you mom's can imagine how she is feeling) and all that she will be facing in the next few weeks.   

We know that God is using all of this for our good, to conform us to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the GLORY of His name! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!

We started the week off with a visit from Granna and Grandpa.  
We took a picnic to the seawall and spent the afternoon walking/swimming along the shore exploring God's amazing creation and enjoying one another.  


On Saturday, we planned a trip to the water park.  We invited all the little girls from church. We ended up having more boys there than girls but Hannah didn't mind!  We had loads of fun!!!

Cupcakes were the perfect way to end the afternoon!  

We are so thankful for Hannah and her sweet spirit.  We can see evidence of God's grace working in her heart and we are excited to see all that He will do in and through her in the future.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

It is better to give than to recieve...

In the rush of summer and Christmas I had a few blogs that never got written!  Here is a quick look back at one of our special Christmas projects.  
Giselle, Rachel and I on the day of the Christmas party

In partnership with another Baptist church in the area, Giselle, Rachel and I  went out in early November to do a survey of a very poor neighborhood in the city.  As part of the survey we invited the families to special Christmas party where their children would recieve Christmas gifts.  
Neighborhood that we surveyed in November

We took the names of more than 50 children back to our churches and they were adopted for Christmas.  We especially challenged our own church kids with the truth that it is better to give than to recieve.  They excitedly selected children to adopt, sometime pairing-up inorder to help another child.  It was a blessing to see several of our low-income families selecting children and working to buy gifts for others.  
The day of the party, we  filled hundreds of hot-dog buns and got everything ready!

 The church filled up with well over 100 people.  The children and their parents came and heard the true meaning of Christmas...GOD becoming human in order to die for our sins and restore us to a relationship with HIM! 

When we gave out the presents, our kids were able to GIVE  the gifts they had sacrificed to buy to children they had never met.  

When we reflect on ALL that we have received in Christ Jesus...
Gifts we have done NOTHING to deserve...
How can we not give to others?

Please continue to pray for all the families that heard the Gospel.  They all live very close to our sister church and we are hoping for more opportunities in 2014 to share the Good News with them.