Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - the 4 weeks of Advent

Week 4
 This week our men shared a wonderful presentation focusing on the Person of Jesus Christ.
Using passages from I John 1, John 1, as well as Philippians 2;  the men reminded us of how Worthy our Savior is of our worship, our confidence and our love.  
It was a powerful end to our programs being led by our men to reflect on our Savior.

James ended our Advent Sunday by looking at Matthew 2 and studying how the Wisemen received Jesus as King. 

After the service our ladies presented a box of special christmas goodies to one of the families in our church. 

We praise God for the generosity and love the people of Redemption Baptist have for one another!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - The 4 weeks of Advent

Week 3 
Ladies Presentation
 This week we celebrated how Christ's coming at Christmas led the way to Redemption for those who believe in Him.  We looked at Ephesians 2 which reminds us of our condition without Christ...Dead in our sins, slaves to the prince of this earth.  Then Jesus came, and by His grace called us to new life, and freedom in HIM!
We ended our program by doing Cardboard testimonies.  It was challenging as none of our ladies had ever seen it done. In the end everyone was moved to see evidences of God's transforming grace in the lives of their sisters in Christ. 

Dn. Lore shared in her testimony:
My son died,
I blasphemed God.
Then God is His great mercy comforted me, consoled me and today I am happy to serve Him!

Another lady shared:
I was a Liar.
Today I speak the truth because I have come to KNOW Him who is the TRUTH.

 I am so thankful for each of these ladies and their commitment to the Lord.  Their willingness to openly share what God is doing in their lives not only encourages us all, it binds us together in new and more meaningful ways. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - the 4-weeks of Advent

Week 2

 This week we celebrated His coming with the young people at IBR.
Alex, one of the older teens in our church has been giving guitar lessons to four teens and one child for about  6 months.  Sunday they started out our service leading the congregation in song.  
What a blessing to hear a choir of guitars praising our Savior!
 The teens did an excellent job of exalting Emmanuel, God with us.
They challenged us to receive Christ in the same spirit as the shepherds, Simeon and Mary...
with Joy, Gratitude and Obedience.   
 We are so thankful for Sandro and Gilmara as they have led the teen group this year. 
 Rachel has also been very involved in discipling of our two young ladies. 
Pray with us for these young people as they have a huge opportunity to be used by God here in Florianópolis to exalt our King of Kings!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Celebrating His Coming - the 4-weeks of Advent

 This year our church is celebrating Christmas with four short programs; 
one each Sunday of Advent.  
Sunday was the first program and the children of the world called us to 
Come and Worship God in a manger! 
 After a year of piano lessons with Aunt Rachel, all three of our kids played Christmas songs as part of the program.  Hannah, who was dressed as a dutch girl, did a wonderful joy playing  
O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
 Jeremiah, one of our wise men, played Go Tell it on the Mountain!
Daniel played during the lighting of the first advent candle.  He played several duets with Aunt Rachel.  They each did a wonderful job and James and I are very proud of their hard work and their joy in serving the Lord through music.  

Pray for us and the next three presentations.  We are using each of these Sundays as special days to invite loved one and neighbors to hear the Good News of the Gospel -- God´s gift to us this Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enjoying our first Church retreat!

 This past weekend our church got together with a sister church for a weekend retreat. 
 James was the main preacher and he preached three messages on Sanctification in the Christian life. 
We also had times where the men and woman broke into groups and had practical discussions on how to be more like Christ in our daily lives.   It was a good opportunity to be reminded to get into the battle and live as who we really are in Christ! 
 One of the biggest blessings of this retreat was the good times of conversations. 
 Being the body...a family...
 Playing together...
 Laughing together...
Learning to love one another as Christ has loved us!
 One night we had a dress-up night that turned out to be full of fun and laughter.
 If I were to translate the theme I think it would be Nerdy-Fancy,
but I still don´t think that exactly fits!!!
Well, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  
With love, the Taylor´s

Monday, November 10, 2014

Praise in the Park!

 Saturday our youth planned a time of praise in one of our local parks.  
Although it was forecasted to rain the whole day, 
God blessed us with an incredibly beautiful spring day!
 It was fun to see little children stop by and listen, causing their parents to stop as well.  
One little boy so loved the guitar that he climbed up on the rocks to get as close as possible to the music.
 We had a couple of monkeys up in the tree praising God along with us!
 Even a few dogs stopped by to listen!
After a good time of singing and testimonies, 
everyone spread out to pass out some 2 ways to live tracts. 

It was a great opportunity to reflect on all the blessings that God has given to us in salvation and in our daily lives; as well as a great opportunity to be a witness to the community. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

We had a fun start to the week as we celebrated Jeremiah's 8th birthday.
His grandparents who live in Curitiba came down with a bamboo fishing pole so we had to try that out.  Jeremiah enjoyed worm hunting in my garden.  In about 15 minutes they had caught 56 worms!

Then off we went to a nearby dock to see if we could catch anything. 

 We fished for about 2 hours.  It was VERY windy but we Jeremiah and Grandpa caught this beauty....
a baby catfish!

The next morning Jer got his coveted breakfast -
Blueberry Pancakes!  
When I asked him the week before his b-day what kind of cake he wanted all he wanted was blueberry pancakes!

 Later that day we headed out to the park to try out his new presents. 

Soccer shoes and a new ball!
Jer took possession of the camera and took pictures of his new shoes and ball.

He also found several little monkey's playing in the trees and took about 50 pictures  of them. 
They were so quick it was hard to get good pictures. 
But aren't they sooo cute!
I think he is turning into a pretty good photographer.

He finally decided on an Oreo Cake which was super yummy!

We thank God for you, our precious third born!

Friday, October 31, 2014

I think he has come out of the tomb


 In the past few months one of our old contacts has moved back into the area and has started coming to church again.  She has a new man in her life who has been coming to church along with her.  We had noticed how attentive he was during the messages and Bible studies and recently James had a really interesting conversation with him.

James:  Where do you think you stand in relationship to God?

Friend:  I am understanding the word and trying to change and live according to what it teaches.

This response raised a red flag so James went into the Gospel with him. 

James:  We come into this world dead in our sins -  

Friend:  nodded in agreement

James:  Like the story of Lazarus --

Friend:  I remember that from the message last week.

James:  Like Lazarus, before you can LIVE the new life you have to be given the new life by Jesus.  Dead people can't do anything for Jesus Christ. 

Friend: I think that has happened to me.   

As James and he continued to talk, he led James to believe that he had received new life.   We can never know the heart of anyone but we are excited to think that he may have been saved!

We praise the Lord for His Sovereign work in calling dead men out of the tomb to New Life in Christ!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let the races begin!

Saturday James ran a 10K at an air base on the Island. 
 The added perk was that they kids runs too!  
All three of our kids were pumped to have a chance to race!

Here are some fun pics of our race day!
Father-daughter pre-race warm up
 Stretching out
 Jeremiah´s race (boys 7-8)
 Hannah´s race (girls 9-10)
 Daniel´s race (boys 13-14)
 James´ race 
 Our lovely view while waiting for James to finish his 10K
My favorite  runners with their medals!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

We battle not against flesh and blood...

This month our teens went to minister at a nursing home on the Island.  Although the visit was scheduled and approved by the director their arrival was met with cold indifference.

"I am busy right now and cannot help you.  Go find someone else to help you."
the director said to us without looking up from what she was writing.

We later learned she was heading at the door to her Spiritist meeting held in a large building behind the nursing home. 

Our teens were nervous but had prepared with a time of prayer before arriving and so they went in to meet with these precious souls who desperately need New Life in Christ.  

To see Rafael, (the one who was hit by a car in January) approach these people and offer to pray with them and read a passage of Scripture to them was such a blessing.   All the young people were surprised to see that many of older people could no longer speak and were confined to their beds.  But the hope that God could save one of these souls as they lay and listened to the Words of Life was what gave them courage. 
 Karine was very nervous about approaching the people and sharing the Gospel. 
She sat down next to two ladies and as she introduced herself  one of the ladies said,
"Go away! I don't want to talk to you."
Karine didn't know what to do so she turned and looked to the other lady who shared her name and acted friendly. 
Karine then looked back to the other lady to ask her name and she rudely snapped
"I said, get out of here, I don't want to talk to you."
The nicer lady apologized for her friend and continued to talk with Karine. 
Karine went on to share the Gospel with this lady while the other sat in silence,
listening, and interestingly, not moving way. 
Karine prays that the Lord will use the truth of the Gospel to penetrate the hard heart of this woman.

 Another interesting encounter happened when one of the residents shared that she was a believer in Jesus Christ.  When asked about her testimony she replied that she has been forbidden to talk about Jesus with the other residents.  But she shared that she secretly shares with those who share her room. 

This nursing home is served by a community of committed spiritists who are doing their best for these elderly in order to guarantee a better "next life" for themselves.    These precious elderly people are weekly exposed to the powers of darkness.  They wear special jewelry (beads, etc.) that have been blessed and are supposed to keep away sickness and curses.   Many of these elderly have been "healed" by the spiritist healers. 

James had the opportunity to preach on John 3.16 while at the nursing home and we praise the Lord that we were able to wage a small battle against the darkness that is blinding the eyes of these people.