Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome Rachel!

This week we have had the privilege of welcoming Rachel to Brazil. 
She is here to help us with the church for the next two years,
and we are so excited to have her here!!!
 We were doubly happy when we realized that not only was Rachel here with us but...
 she brought us Krispie Kreme Doughnuts!
 As soon as we got home from the airport we made a quick pot of coffee and enjoyed our doughnuts.

 This week we have spent lots of time running around looking for furniture for Rachel's apartment. Houses here don't come with kitchens, so searching for kitchen cabinets, sink, stove and fridge were a top priority.   We are happy to report that today we were able to buy her kitchen cabinets and a closet.  Please keep praying as she makes other major purchasing decisions over the next few days.
We are looking forward to having her help and excited to see how God will use her here in the lives of our people. Thank you for your prayers and support for Rachel. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I think I may have shared with you that Father's day in Brazil is in August.  
We are so thankful for the men and fathers that God has brought to Redemption Baptist Church.  
James preached a message to fathers challenging them not to provoke their children 
but to give them hope in Christ.  
 I am also so thankful for the team of ladies who handled the organization of the gifts for the fathers and a simple children's program.  They put together a short, gospel centered little reading and then presented these cute little dogs to the fathers. 
Please remember to pray for our men:
-That they would seek the Lord daily in His word and prayer. 
-That they would be the spiritual leaders in their homes and at church. 
-That they would be of one mind in regards to the future direction of our church. 

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Adolescent Update...

Last Wednesday we finished up a 16 week study  on the Bible with our adolescents.
It has been neat to see how God has been working and drawing these young people to Himself.

They have come faithfully and 90% of them come from unchurched homes and do not have anyone encouraging them to come to church.

They memorize their verse every week and several of them are reading the word daily and turning in a short summary of what they read that week.

We are thrilled to see fruit of the Gospel in some of their lives.

Pray for us as we begin a new study on loving God and not the world.

Pray for the teachers that we would keep our eyes on the eternal value of what we are doing.

Pray that these young people would surrender to God now and be transformed into the first generation of believers in their families.