Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day from Brazil!

Yesterday was Valentines day here in Brazil.  While you have yours in February, here that is the month of Carnival so ours is moved to June, which for you is Father's day, so our Father's day is moved to August!  So, it is easy for James and I to miss both countries Valentines days:) 

Anyway, last night after church a few of the couples got together for pizza.  By the time we got all the kids dropped off and settled in for the night it was 10.  It ended up being 11ish  when the Pizzas arrived, but we still had a wonderful time visiting and hearing the story of how one couple met and was saved and married.  They have now been married over 31 years and are a wonderful testimony of God's grace and mercy. 

So, we wish you a Happy Valentines Day from Brazil -
Beijos (Kisses)
The Taylors

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