Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aging with Grace

I just got off the phone with Dona Lore, a 73 year old lady who has aged with grace. 
Dn. Lore is full of energy, and is always ready for an adventure.  The daughter of an American father and German mother, born and raised in Brazil.  A retired dentist.   She still goes to water parks with her grand kids (ages 19 and 23 who still live with her.)  She goes camping and I don't mean in a travel trailer...:)  She works over 12 hours a day most days of the week cooking up treats for business "Coffee Breaks".  She has raised one son and 2 grandchildren.  

She is needing to slow down a little but knows if she quits this job it will be hard for her to find another because of her age.  I tried to encourage her and give her a few ideas when she shared with me that because of her age she is treated as trash.  She feels she is viewed as worthless by the culture.

  Sunday all of her neighbors were invited to the birthday party of a 4 year old on the street.  Only Dn. Lore was not invited.  Nevertheless,  Dn. Lore took a present over to the house and gave it to the grandmother.  She was then invited in for the party but she declined.  The mother came out then and said, "I know we didn't invite you, but this party is for kids and you are old."   Dn. Lore graciously gave the gift to the mother and then left.

We went on discussing God's view of the elderly and the value that God places on their lives.  She shared how she has outlived all her siblings and parents, even her son.  I told her that God must still have some plans for her.

 She quickly answered, "Yes, I am still here to share the Gospel with all my neighbors on the hill." 

Her neighbors who despise her, those who call her names and talk bad about her.  These neighbors she prays for.  Buys things from them to help them make a little money.  She hires them to do work for her (even when they are drunk and end up costing her more money in the long run).  She invites them to bible studies and church.  These neighbors she will be opening her home up to in June for 4 weeks of evangelistic Bible  studies.  She told me, "I think the only reason they will come will be for the snack I serve afterwards.  But that's ok, at least they will hear the Gospel." 

I think this is Aging with Grace.  I thank God for the grace I see in Dona Lore's life.  Pray with us for the people on her hill that God would awaken them to the Gospel. 

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Laura said...

I have fallen so far behind on your blog! Thanks for sharing this story with us. I hope I have that same attitude when I'm her age. What a blessing to see how God is using her.