Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wrapping up March

While most everyone was waiting in line, out in the cold and rain at a chocolate shop, to buy very expensive chocolate eggs to give their friends and families for Easter, we were trying to keep focused on what is really worth celebrating.
 Jesus Christ, willingly dying for undeserving sinners like me, and three days later rising again!

 Food art depicting the Resurrection scene, daily  bible readings with the kids, Easter Music, singing, more pictures on the wall showing the suffering Servant...  I am so thankful for the focus all of us had on the true meaning of Easter.  Our kids didn't even ask for an egg this year:)  (Though their grandparents did get them a nice big chocolate bar!!)

 Sunday morning was a blessing.  We had almost all of our people out for the morning and evening services.  In the morning we shared a special prayer time reflecting on the profound love the Father has lavished on us. 
 After the service we had a special breakfast time enjoyed by young and old alike! 
Sunday night we enjoyed celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  We don't normally have special music and were blessed to have Josieneide share with us.   God also blessed us by having a contact visit for the first time. 

Several weeks ago our family went to the park and ran into one of Hannah's classmates.  I struck up a conversation with the mother who claimed to be a christian but didn't have a local church.  So, I invited her to visit us some time.  As the weeks passed, I had given up hope that we would hear from her again, but God had a plan and she and her daughter joined us on Easter Sunday.  Pray for us as we follow up with her; that we could encourage her in her walk with God.  

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