Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lives affecting Lives

Sunday night as James preached from Deuteronomy 3 we saw how one life affects another, especially in the christian world.   Israel's complaining affected Moses, provoking him to sin. Moses' not going into the promise land affected the people, allowing them to enter (Deut. 3:26). Moses then affected Joshua, encouraging him as he began the task of leading the people.  James concluded by challenging us to be involved in each others lives but not just regarding physical concerns but spiritual concerns as well.  How are we encouraging our bothers and sisters in Christ?
 So, here we go, trying to affect the lives of our people for good.  

Tuesday was the birthday of one of our men so we took a pizza over to celebrate with him.  At the end James opened the Word with them and shared some thoughts from his personal time in the word that day.  I could sense such a hunger in some of the people.  For some reason it is not easy for them to open the word each day and read but when someone came along side and did that for them, it fed their souls and hopefully showed them how simple it can be.  James was transparent about his own struggles and gave ideas for them to try.  As we left, he shared with one man, "Sometimes you just have to read, even when you don't feel like it.  Then you will be glad you did."

 We are so thankful for Cristine and her willing to help with the teaching of the Adolescent class.  
Lives affecting lives. 
Someone who takes the time to prepare a lesson and teach to a group of kids who actually try to appear disinterested. 
Last night during her first lesson with them, three of the kids set the alarms on their watches and then when it would go off, they would hit snooze instead of turning it off.  So, every 5 minutes watches were beeping.  I finally had to confiscate the watches.

Lives affecting lives... showing love when they don't respond the way we hope...when they put up walls...when we don't see results...KNOWING they need to see the Savior in us. 

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Laura said...

We have to make a choice everyday whether we are going to affect other's lives for the positive or negative. Such a good reminder to make the choice to make the choice to be positively affecting the lives of others.

Thanks for affecting my spiritual life positively. =)

Love you!