Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating the Resurrection

Since the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior are the cornerstone of our faith, I believe we should have an intense focus on these events.  Unfortunately, more often than not, Good Friday sneaks up on us and we are caught unaware and we haven't planned to celebrate these life changing days.  
The past few years I have been blessed to accumulate several ideas to help both our family and our church family have a much more meaningful Resurrection celebration.  Here are just a few of the ways we are celebrating this year.

 Each Sunday in March, we have celebrated 3 parts of the Jewish Passover with our church family.  From eating the bitter herbs (horseradish), to feeding one another the sweet apple mixture that looks like the mortar the Jews used to make bricks in Egypt; our church has bonded as we remember and celebrate the REDEMPTION the Jews had from Egypt and we have in Christ. 

 Last night was especially unique as the younger children went in search of the broken matzah, which symbolizes the broken and buried body of Christ.  How wonderful to celebrate the Cup of Redemption, remembering that our broken and buried Savior, IS ALIVE! 

A wonderful messianic passover celebration with simple explanations can be found here at Thriving Family.

 At home we make a Resurrection Tree.  This picture is of one of our families.  Each evening after they read a portion of Scripture about the last days of Jesus before his death, they draw a small picture of something from the reading.  A palm, a nail, a donkey, a switch, a cross, a tomb...   The tree is a constant visual reminder of what we are celebrating. 

 I printed coloring pictures that tell the story of the last days.  After they are colored we tape them up on the wall, once again a visual reminder of what we are celebrating.

 Easter Mountain has been the longest running tradition in our household.  Recipe here.  I think we first made one in 2007!  This is especially fun for smaller children who help make the mountain and then enjoy play acting out the daily bible stories with the figures.

 Just take the time to slow down and make the stories come to life for your family.  If you are reading about Jesus washing the disciples feet, wash each others feet.  If you read about the last supper, have your own bread and juice.  Remind your children of the the first passover and paint "blood" on the door posts of your house (taping paper on the sides of the door frame  before you paint.)

Today as we read about the woman anointing Jesus' feet with perfume,  I "cried" on Jer's feet, wiped them with my hair, kissed his feet, sprayed perfume on his feet...we could imagine how the room smelled as she broke the bottle and prepared Jesus for his burial. 
I sent the kids on a quick search for objects that would represent the hearts of the men in the room (a hard, cold rock)  and something that would represent the heart of the woman who anointed Jesus (beautiful flowers).  I am leaving our objects on display  and plan to add to them each day. 

Read books that highlight the wonderful truths of the Gospel.  Go through all your children's bible story books and read all of the stories that lead up to the resurrection.    Take the time to slow down and celebrate with your family and friends the basis for our New Life in Christ!

Our first "Easter Mountain" in how they have grown.

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