Monday, January 28, 2013

Soldados de Cristo - 2013

This year Daniel and two other of our adolescents had a chance to go to camp.
The camp is military themed and they loved all the discipline and structure.
So, here is a quick overview of Soldiers for Christ 2013

 Lots of fun activities and Games... 
Like carrying a can on a spaghetti noodle....

Or racing across the floor like a worm...
 Or an obstacle course through the mud...

 And in the mud...
Covered in MUD!

 Daniel and his Platoon- Beta

When I asked him what his favorite part was he answered:  MUD DAY!
But he also shared alot about the teachings through I Samuel 3 and the way God worked in the life of Samuel.  He shared how he got up each day at 6:20 a.m. and since he is already in the habit, why not continue getting up that early for devos.  Our other two guys came home discussing what friends they needed to set aside because they were not good influences.  They changed the music on their cell phones to be more God honoring and shared testimonies of all that God taught them during the week.

Pray for Daniel, Rafael and Ricardo that they would not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful, but that they would delight in the law of the Lord and mediate on it day and night;
That God would continue the good work He has begun in these boys.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah!

It is hard to believe how grown up she is... I am sure all parents feel this way...  Our little girl isn't so little anymore, she is on her way to being a young lady.  Oh how I would love for time to slow down...

She had her first slumber party.  Just a simple affair with two friends from church.  They enjoyed playing in the water hose, coloring, singing their favorite songs...all the things little girls enjoy doing.  Jeremiah had a hard time staying away and was able to get in on some of the fun!
I had them help with the decorating of the cupcakes.  They had lots of fun using their creativity, trying to perfect the squeezing of the frosting out of the bag.  Sprinkles, hearts, and more to decorate the pink swirly cakes... It was amazing how lovely and different they all turned out.
Happy Birthday Hannah!  You are our precious gift from God, a blessing to you whole family.  We pray that this year would draw you even closer to Christ. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seeking Him in His Word...

     Saturday we had our first Ladies meeting of 2013.  One of our goals this year is to continue equipping the people in the basic disciplines that enable us to go forward in our christian walk.  This month I had the great privilege to share a wonderful tool for personal Bible study that I heard about while watching one of the sessions from the True Woman '12 conference.
     I gave each of our ladies a notebook with a copy of  the plan.  We looked at each of the steps and then opened our Bibles to Philippians and worked though the first 2 verses together to get the hang of it.  We had a great time studying the Word together and I am praying it will help create a habit in their lives of personal Bible study.  

 I have posted a summary of the teaching below.  Pray for us as we seek the Lord together 2-3 verses at a time beginning in Philippians.

The 5 P’s of Bible Study:
1. Position yourself to Hear from God
I mean this physically and spiritually. Anticipate hearing from God. Tozer says this: “The person that does not believe God speaks will always discount every time God does speak”. But John 10:27 says “My sheep hear my voice.” It’s what sheep do by default. So when you go to the word of God, you have to go with a stance of expectation that God will speak, and the Holy Spirit will teach you (I John 2).
We position ourselves spiritually by coming expectantly.
We position ourselves physically by: Silence and Solitude.

2. Pour over the Passage and Paraphrase the Major Points
Read over 2-3 verses, 3 or 4 times, compare different translations if available.  This is not about quantity but quality. It’s about hearing God’s word. How much, given my lifestyle, can I really do business with God over? There is more damage that can be done by a woman really pressing in to the word of God for a few minutes than 10 other women simply attending hours of bible study etc.
Stop feeling guilty about the time you spend with God, and start making what time you have count! It’s not about the time, it’s about you pouring over the Scriptures and opening up your heart to God.  Simply paraphrase the text.

3. Pull out the Spiritual Principles
Lord, what does the passage say for me? How does it intersect my life? Is there correction to receive? Is there an action to do? For every paraphrase you should have a spiritual principle.
Ask yourself “what does this teach me about the kind of God He is?”
The more you know God the more clearly you can hear God.

4. Pose the Question
This is where the divine dialogue really starts to happen. Am I heeding the promise that I just read? Am I obeying God in this area? Inevitably when we pose the questions, the Holy Spirit gives the answer. Write down the question and the answers.  After you pose the questions and get answers, you will sense conviction, and you ought to be so excited. That’s the Holy Spirit wanting you to agree because he is in the process of getting you back in the place where you are intimately related to God.

5. Plan obedience and pin down a date to obey
We plan everything else, so why not plan obedience? What are the strategic steps that I will take to obey the Lord?  Tell a friend and ask her to hold you accountable.

I pray that in this new year each of you will join us in seeking the Lord in His Word!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

A bright start to 2013

We are so thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ, especially during the holidays when we aren't able to be with our physical family.   We were blessed to be with James' family during Christmas and our church family for the new year. 

Everyone came over to our house to welcome the new year.  
We had a simple pot-luck that turned out great. 
We spent some time singing and praising our God.  We shared testimonies  of what God has been teaching us during the past year.  
We enjoyed seeing the fireworks together as the clock struck midnight... 
but then we headed to bed because we all planned to meet early the next morning and head to the BEACH!

We found a little corner of the beach with waves out front and a calm little stream to the side. 
 It was perfect for our group.  
Under our tents and umbrellas we relaxed and talked. 
As I sat and listened to the laughter of the children and adults I felt so blessed by God.  His goodness surrounds us and so often in our busyness we miss it.  I am so thankful for the slow day to see His blessings all around.  

 Pray for us here at Redemption Baptist that in 2013 
-we would walk daily in communion with our Lord
-that Christ alone would be our treasure
-that we would learn to pray first 
-that our faith would grow as we are transformed into His image.