Monday, November 05, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

We have just finished  a whirlwind of a weekend!  Friday was a holiday here, kind of a mixture of Memorial day and Day of the Dead.  We planned an outreach at the local cemetery.  Wednesday night we handed out t-shirts, finished folding & stamping tracts and spent some more time praying for God to prepare hearts to hear.  

 Early Friday morning the Taylor 5 got to cemetery to secure our spot and step up camp!  By 8:30 the rest of the group was there ready to start passing out tracts and talking to those who were willing. 

 We had 18 people in all who there to help.  It was neat to see even Jeremiah getting up the courage to offer the tracts to people with his timid little question, "Aceita?"    By 11 am we had used all the tracts we had.  We aren't sure the total we gave out but well over 3,000. 

 One of the neat things we did was divide ourselves into four groups so that every 15 minutes a group would rotate into the tent and pray for those who were still passing out tracts.  Each group would pass out tracts for 45 and then spend 15 minutes in prayer. We were excited to have a group always praying as we shared the Gospel. 

 We praise the Lord for people of all ages who came to help, and we thank God for several good opportunities to share the full plan of Salvation.  We don't know if we will ever SEE any results from this but we were all encouraged as we reflected on Christ's sacrifice for us and the privilege we have to share that with others. 

Saturday morning James along with 3 of our men moved our belongings from our storage facility into our rental house.  We had to be moved out by Monday and we praise God we could move directly to our rental house!  We are still living at David & Sharon's house until closer to their arrival date and just working at the rental house getting things cleaned and aired out after a year and a half in storage. 
 Saturday afternoon we had our monthly ladies meeting.  We were excited to try a craft themed day and we all had a great time together.  Two of the ladies shared their salvation testimonies with us as our devotional time and it was a precious time of fellowship and knowing one another more intimately. 

 Sunday our little guy turned 6!  We can hardly believe that he is so grown up!  His main gift was a bike and we are having a hard time getting him off of it! 

It took him a few minutes to get acclimated to a bike since he hadn't ridden since we returned to Brazil in February but he is riding so fast now he scares his mommy! 

We had a great day on Sunday at church as well as celebrating with Jer.  
It really was a whirlwind of a weekend!


Mark and Laura said...

Thanks for such a great update. You really did have a crazy weekend. Loved all the pictures. We are praying for someone to come to know Christ because of your tracts...3000! Amazing.

Love the picture of Jer on his bike. I wish Andrew would ride his. Oh well! His cake looks awesome too. So yummy!

Vernon Costolo said...

Praise the Lord!