Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Update from Redemption Baptist

 After things fell through on the purchase of our house we spent the next week scrambling, looking at everything we could.  We searched for homes in our price range and in the end it looks like we are going to have to rent a home.  We are thankful to have found a simple, fairly reasonable house to rent.  We are waiting for the documents to be approved and are praying that early next week they will be. Please keep praying with us in this regard.  If everything is approved we will move our things from our storage facility next Saturday, just 2 days before our deadline to be out.  God is good.

 Last week I had the privilege to travel with Meire to São Paulo for a ladies retreat.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and praise the Lord for the sisters in Christ we got to know while there.  
 One of the blessings was being "adopted" by a sister church from there.  They included us in everything, even letting us part of their special number on "Country Night." 

 We got back just in time for our Junior/Adolescent class to get all their "Redais" and buy some prizes.  They have worked hard for 20 weeks, faithfully attending services, memorizing Isaiah 53, going out with us to evangelize, cleaning the church and more. 
 The prizes were really nice and I think those who really worked hard enjoyed the fruits of their labors!   A big thanks to Agostinho for giving them the incentive to get to know their God.  We are praying for fruits that will last for eternity.  

 Last night was our second Couples Bible Study.  I think we doubled our group from last month and really enjoyed some great discussion.  Our main focus last night was that our marriages glorify God's covenant relationship with us, His church-bride.  One of the ways we do that is by forgiving as Christ has forgiven us.  When we look back at the Cross and the see how God nailed our record of sin to the cross, God's wrath against us was overcome by the cross.  This is the power for us in our christian lives, in our marriages.  I can take this vertical relationship that I have with God and bend it out horizontally towards my spouse.  What a challenge and encouragement.  Col. 3 was our main passage if you want to check it out. 
 One highlight of the night was eating "Meat with bread."  All month long as Edinelson promoted the study, he kept asking who had eaten meat with bread before, we all shook our heads in confusion wondering what he was talking about, of course we've eaten that.  Well, we finally got to experience his own special creation "Carne com Pão."
 It was wonderfully flavorful and I think everyone really enjoyed our late night snack! 
 We are praising God for Andre's recent return to church and participation last night.  Please keep praying for his salvation.  It is hard to know what is motivating him but we know that what is impossible for man is possible for God. 
We are so excited to see more and more Christ-centeredness in our people.  To see their christian lives growing from a mere outward semblance of  righteousness to a joy that radiates from within as they base their obedience on Christ's finished work on the cross. 
Please keep praying for Redemption Baptist Church

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