Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What we've been up to...

 We are so thankful for the work God has been doing in the lives of our adolescent group.  Recently we had Duda and Ricardo over and they helped us fold and stamp a bunch of tracts.  Before they left they offered to take a bunch and give them out to the people on their street.  They reported back that within the week they had given a gospel tract to every home on their street.  Keep praying for these two to grow in their walk with the Lord and bear much fruit!

 James has been meeting with a group of young men every Friday afternoon and they have been studying the book of Proverbs.  We pray that they will live lives of true surrender to the Savior and grow into men who love God. 

 We recently had a church workday.  We were thrilled to hang up our offering box.  We had a temporary paper box but one of our families donated this nice wooden one.   "God loves a cheerful giver" is painted on the front and we pray our people will learn to give abundantly from the heart as they have received.   

 Several of our men thought it would give us more space if we turned out sanctuary around so we did a test run and were able to fit in more chairs so we jumped in and got to work.  

 It all turned out great and it was so nice on Sunday night not to have to worry about finding seating for a late arrival.   (Great problem to have though!!)

 Last  Sunday night we were thrilled to have our Junior/Adolescent class quote Isaiah 53:1-9.  

Sunday afternoon we had a planning meeting.  Pray for James as he leads.  Pray for these families as they join in the work.  We are all growing into the people God has planned for us.  We are so excited to see God working in us and around us building His church!

And that's what we've been up to!


Vernon Costolo said...

Ya'all have been busy. Praise the Lord for those seed sowers and the discipling young men!!

Mark and Laura said...

Love seeing that picture of your church service and to see all those full chairs! Amazing how God is working in your church. =)