Sunday, September 16, 2012

The life of an MK - Insider's view pt. 2

Meet Hannah

 Age:  8
 Location:  São José, SC, Brazil
 Grade: 3
 Language:  English, Portuguese
Current favorite hobbies: Playing with her cat Patch, playing  "friend", drawing, taking pictures

Hannah spends the morning at home playing with Jeremiah and doing her homework.  She helps me make lunch, our main meal of the day, and she sets the table.  After lunch we normally have a short time of family devotions and at 1:20 Hannah and Daddy head out the door for school.  

Hannah  has done so well this year at school.  School started one week after we got back to Brazil.  She has learned to write in Brazilian style cursive, she has learned to read in Portuguese, She has learned multiplication and division...It has been a big year so far. Hannah's school day starts at 1:30 in  the afternoon and she gets done at 5:30.

Favorite subject:  Math, English, Science and Art.
Worst subject:  History(because we have to write alot!)

At church Hannah has been memorizing Isaiah 53:3-7.  She was thrilled to quote it with a friend at their class party.  She has worked very hard at home to memorize this hard passage.  

Best thing about church: The Bible stories and coloring time.
Hardest thing about church:  Getting sent into the adult class because I disrupt the class sometimes. 

Sunday School Class Party
Favorite thing about living in Brazil:  having friends, going to school,
Hardest thing about living in Brazil:  Being embarrassed all the time (she couldn't say what was causing the embarrassment.)

What she misses about America:  Memaw's pancakes and syrup, Peanut butter
 Prayer requests:  For my friends to start coming to church,

Hannah is an active, talkative, fun loving girl.  I don't think she realizes she lives in a "foreign" country.  To Hannah, she is home, with her parents and her brothers, her school, her friends and her church.  It is amazing to me how incredibly God has made us to adapt to where ever we live.

My prayer request for Hannah is that she would grow in the knowledge of God, that He would continue the work He has begun in her.  I pray that she will grow into a young woman who loves God more than anything else. 


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Mark and Laura said...

It's taken me a while to get caught up on your blog. I love this post as much as the one you did about Daniel and I'mm looking forward to Jer's. =)

By the way...I love that picture with her curly hair. She is so beautiful. Wish I could give her a hug. =)

Phil Taylor said...

Loved this blog too...and we love Hannah, & are praying for her every Day! Give her a big hug and tell her that we love her, ok! hugs to all of you, Mom and Dad T.

Rebecca said...

Awww, she's so grown up!