Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please Pray

 Please pray for Teresinha and her family as they are passing through a very difficult time.  Teresinha was saved in 2010 and we have all been so blessed to see the abundant fruit the God has brought forth from her.  I have shared about her in several other posts in the past.  She lives with her husband and three children on the same small piece of property with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and their families.  Before she was saved, they lived in relative peace with the family.  Since becoming a Christian she and her children face constant put-downs, criticism and attacks.  Just recently her mother-in-law came to her and said rather aggressively:

"You have been in the church, 3 years, right?,  What do you have to show for it!" 

Teresinha thought for a minute, and responded;
"I have Christ."

Her mother in law continues to feel the weight of her sin and her rebellion against God and so is constantly trying to discourage Teresinha from living a life of obedience to Christ.  It seems like if she can get Teresinha to go to church less, or get angry, or attack her husband, then she will feel justified in her own life.

It amazes me how a life lived quietly for the Lord will bring conviction of sin to those all around.  And sadly, that conviction leads to persecution.  

 On top of the persecution by family members, recently Teresinha's unsaved husband has begun using hard drugs.  He has gone from being a hardworking, trustworthy provider, father and husband, to not working, lying and possibly stealing to support and cover his sin.  I know you all have prayed in the past for Andre, but please pray again for him and his family.  Pray first and foremost for his salvation.  His family (mother, and siblings) believe the only hope now is his death, but Teresinha believes in the power of God unto salvation and is clinging to God.  Andre is currently without a stable job and so the families finances are very precarious as well. 
Pray for their three children, Larissa, Guilherme, and Rafael.  Two of them have professed Christ as Savior but admit right now their faith is weak as they pray for God to save and change their father and nothing seems to be happening. 

We are praying for a miracle in the life of Andre.  We know that with God all things are possible.  Please pray with us. 


David and Sharon Taylor said...

We are praying here Christen. Thanks for keeping us aware.

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Mark and Laura said...

We will be praying! Thanks for sharing how we can pray specifically for your ministry.