Thursday, September 20, 2012


The past year and a half there has been a huge increase of theft in our neighborhood.  If you haven't had your home broken into you are a rarity.  In the past week the 3 homes surrounding us have been broken into AGAIN.  That old fear is begin to creep back in and steal my ability to focus on anything else. 

Yesterday at 9:30 in the morning a car pulled up in front of the house behind us, broke down the front gate, kicked down the front door and even while the alarm started blaring, they quickly began to clean out the house of TV's, laptops and cameras.  A neighboring apartment saw what was happening and screamed out, "thief, thief, thief, ..."  We heard her and James went running as well as several other neighbors.  With all the noise, the thieves left with only one TV, and thankfully we had their license plate number.  The owner of the home tracked down the address of the owner of the car and went to confirm it was the same car.  After finding out who it was, they went to the police,
"We found the people who robbed our home." 

The POLICE will do NOTHING!!!

Strangely, no one here is surprised.

 We are in the  midst of the election season here to and no one is promising to build more prisons or be tough on crime...

This is why we are afraid.   How can we leave our homes?  What protection do we have?  Even with bars and alarms and walls around our property we are not safe. 

God is our refuge and our strength, our present help in time of trouble.  PRAY that we will live in the truth and not be crippled by the power of this world.  

Please pray for us. 


Evangelist Johnny Montgomery said...

Brother and Sister missionary, we are praying for you and interceeding the LORD JESUS CHRIST to stop these devilish attacks on your spirit. Be encouraged by knowing JESUS IS WITH YOU. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP YOU. My name is Evangelist Johnny Montgomery,Henderson Tx.

Mark and Laura said...

I read this while I was in Indianapolis and I have been praying everyday that God will place his angels of protection around you and your house. I'm so glad that so far He had kept you from having to go through being robbed again. We keep praying.