Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please Pray

 Please pray for Teresinha and her family as they are passing through a very difficult time.  Teresinha was saved in 2010 and we have all been so blessed to see the abundant fruit the God has brought forth from her.  I have shared about her in several other posts in the past.  She lives with her husband and three children on the same small piece of property with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and their families.  Before she was saved, they lived in relative peace with the family.  Since becoming a Christian she and her children face constant put-downs, criticism and attacks.  Just recently her mother-in-law came to her and said rather aggressively:

"You have been in the church, 3 years, right?,  What do you have to show for it!" 

Teresinha thought for a minute, and responded;
"I have Christ."

Her mother in law continues to feel the weight of her sin and her rebellion against God and so is constantly trying to discourage Teresinha from living a life of obedience to Christ.  It seems like if she can get Teresinha to go to church less, or get angry, or attack her husband, then she will feel justified in her own life.

It amazes me how a life lived quietly for the Lord will bring conviction of sin to those all around.  And sadly, that conviction leads to persecution.  

 On top of the persecution by family members, recently Teresinha's unsaved husband has begun using hard drugs.  He has gone from being a hardworking, trustworthy provider, father and husband, to not working, lying and possibly stealing to support and cover his sin.  I know you all have prayed in the past for Andre, but please pray again for him and his family.  Pray first and foremost for his salvation.  His family (mother, and siblings) believe the only hope now is his death, but Teresinha believes in the power of God unto salvation and is clinging to God.  Andre is currently without a stable job and so the families finances are very precarious as well. 
Pray for their three children, Larissa, Guilherme, and Rafael.  Two of them have professed Christ as Savior but admit right now their faith is weak as they pray for God to save and change their father and nothing seems to be happening. 

We are praying for a miracle in the life of Andre.  We know that with God all things are possible.  Please pray with us. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The past year and a half there has been a huge increase of theft in our neighborhood.  If you haven't had your home broken into you are a rarity.  In the past week the 3 homes surrounding us have been broken into AGAIN.  That old fear is begin to creep back in and steal my ability to focus on anything else. 

Yesterday at 9:30 in the morning a car pulled up in front of the house behind us, broke down the front gate, kicked down the front door and even while the alarm started blaring, they quickly began to clean out the house of TV's, laptops and cameras.  A neighboring apartment saw what was happening and screamed out, "thief, thief, thief, ..."  We heard her and James went running as well as several other neighbors.  With all the noise, the thieves left with only one TV, and thankfully we had their license plate number.  The owner of the home tracked down the address of the owner of the car and went to confirm it was the same car.  After finding out who it was, they went to the police,
"We found the people who robbed our home." 

The POLICE will do NOTHING!!!

Strangely, no one here is surprised.

 We are in the  midst of the election season here to and no one is promising to build more prisons or be tough on crime...

This is why we are afraid.   How can we leave our homes?  What protection do we have?  Even with bars and alarms and walls around our property we are not safe. 

God is our refuge and our strength, our present help in time of trouble.  PRAY that we will live in the truth and not be crippled by the power of this world.  

Please pray for us. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The life of an MK - Insider's view pt. 2

Meet Hannah

 Age:  8
 Location:  São José, SC, Brazil
 Grade: 3
 Language:  English, Portuguese
Current favorite hobbies: Playing with her cat Patch, playing  "friend", drawing, taking pictures

Hannah spends the morning at home playing with Jeremiah and doing her homework.  She helps me make lunch, our main meal of the day, and she sets the table.  After lunch we normally have a short time of family devotions and at 1:20 Hannah and Daddy head out the door for school.  

Hannah  has done so well this year at school.  School started one week after we got back to Brazil.  She has learned to write in Brazilian style cursive, she has learned to read in Portuguese, She has learned multiplication and division...It has been a big year so far. Hannah's school day starts at 1:30 in  the afternoon and she gets done at 5:30.

Favorite subject:  Math, English, Science and Art.
Worst subject:  History(because we have to write alot!)

At church Hannah has been memorizing Isaiah 53:3-7.  She was thrilled to quote it with a friend at their class party.  She has worked very hard at home to memorize this hard passage.  

Best thing about church: The Bible stories and coloring time.
Hardest thing about church:  Getting sent into the adult class because I disrupt the class sometimes. 

Sunday School Class Party
Favorite thing about living in Brazil:  having friends, going to school,
Hardest thing about living in Brazil:  Being embarrassed all the time (she couldn't say what was causing the embarrassment.)

What she misses about America:  Memaw's pancakes and syrup, Peanut butter
 Prayer requests:  For my friends to start coming to church,

Hannah is an active, talkative, fun loving girl.  I don't think she realizes she lives in a "foreign" country.  To Hannah, she is home, with her parents and her brothers, her school, her friends and her church.  It is amazing to me how incredibly God has made us to adapt to where ever we live.

My prayer request for Hannah is that she would grow in the knowledge of God, that He would continue the work He has begun in her.  I pray that she will grow into a young woman who loves God more than anything else. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What we've been up to...

 We are so thankful for the work God has been doing in the lives of our adolescent group.  Recently we had Duda and Ricardo over and they helped us fold and stamp a bunch of tracts.  Before they left they offered to take a bunch and give them out to the people on their street.  They reported back that within the week they had given a gospel tract to every home on their street.  Keep praying for these two to grow in their walk with the Lord and bear much fruit!

 James has been meeting with a group of young men every Friday afternoon and they have been studying the book of Proverbs.  We pray that they will live lives of true surrender to the Savior and grow into men who love God. 

 We recently had a church workday.  We were thrilled to hang up our offering box.  We had a temporary paper box but one of our families donated this nice wooden one.   "God loves a cheerful giver" is painted on the front and we pray our people will learn to give abundantly from the heart as they have received.   

 Several of our men thought it would give us more space if we turned out sanctuary around so we did a test run and were able to fit in more chairs so we jumped in and got to work.  

 It all turned out great and it was so nice on Sunday night not to have to worry about finding seating for a late arrival.   (Great problem to have though!!)

 Last  Sunday night we were thrilled to have our Junior/Adolescent class quote Isaiah 53:1-9.  

Sunday afternoon we had a planning meeting.  Pray for James as he leads.  Pray for these families as they join in the work.  We are all growing into the people God has planned for us.  We are so excited to see God working in us and around us building His church!

And that's what we've been up to!