Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feliz Dia dos Pais!

 Today is Father's day here in Brazil.  We had a special lunch for daddy (Husband's Delight!) and made him a cappuccino cake.  We are so thankful for a dad who loves God, loves his family and is faithful to take care of us daily. 
 At church tonight James preached a message about how God is a wonderful  and perfect father, and we as father's should reflect the image of our heavenly father, so our children will know what a wonderful father God is.  We were thrilled to have two unsaved fathers visiting.  Tomorrow James and I are looking forward to visiting one man and his family in their home.  Pray for this family that their hearts would be opened to the Gospel.

After the service the children quoted Psalm 103:1-4 which we have been working on on Sunday evenings.  They then sang a special while a video showed in the background with pictures of the kids and their dads.  It was a fun and special way to end our service. 

So Happy Father's day to all you Dad's out there.  It is our prayer that as you know your heavenly father more, you will imitate Him more and thus demonstrate His greatness to your children.

 I wanted to close sharing some photos of James with our kids that were shared tonight at the church.


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Mark and Laura said...

Happy Father's Day James! Sounds like a great service. Love all the pictures too. =)

Praying for you guys!