Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Outreach

Saturday evening we hosted our first ever cantata.  We excitedly welcomed 13 people from a sister church in Sao Paulo to spend the weekend with us.  We were all blessed by the cantata and the friendships that were formed with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

The group gave up their holiday weekend to travel 12 hours each way to be with us.  After spending a day or so getting to know our beautiful city we were all ready for the big night!
 About 10 minutes before we started, the church already looked pretty full!  We praise the Lord for the people He sent to hear His Gospel presented.  I took snap shots of some of the answers to prayer that God gave us: 
 We were so thankful that Claudio was able to come.  His two sons were sick and so his wife stayed home with them but we were so thankful for the continued open door with this family.  Pray as we begin to meet with them to read the Word this week. 
 We have been praying for Marli for months!  She has received visits to her home, participated in ladies studies but would never come to church.  We praise the Lord that He worked to bring her out this cold night to hear again the good news.
 When Raissa arrived at church on Saturday, she ran excitedly to everyone exclaiming, " My Grandpa came, my Grandpa came! "  Later her mom told me that of all the people they invited, he was the last one they expected to come.  Keep praying for Raissa's grandpa to believe the good news.

 Gilmara and her husband went out and made several visits on families and invited them to come.  We were all so excited to see this friend and her daughter join us on Saturday.  Pray as Gilmara and I make follow up visits to her and another lady who was very interested but was too sick to come.

 Agostinho has worked with this lady since 2006 and was surprised when she agreed to come.  She lives on the other side of town but the car ride back and forth to church allowed for much good conversation.  Pray for more opportunities at work to reach her with the Gospel.

The cantata started and we were all blessed with beautiful music and the presentation of God's unspeakable gift of Salvation.  
It was a great weekend of making new friends and renewing old friendships.  It is always so encouraging to meet others who share the same heart for God. 


Rena said...

Wow, so many new faces! The Lord has blessed, I'm glad.

Phil Taylor said...

Thanks for that quick update! We'd been praying all week...dying to see what the response would be...really only in heaven will we know truly, but we're rejoicing with you for God's blessing! ...hugs from Mom and Dad T.

Vernon Costolo said...