Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wrapping up Family Month

After a month of lots of visits among the  families in the church, we wrapped up family month with a potluck dinner. 

Many families have shared testimony of how they have felt the bond of they have gotten to know one another better.  How precious it is to know that you are not alone in the daily battle to live a holy life.   
 We had our potluck after our Sunday morning prayer service.  It was wonderful to have several families come that don't normally come to that service.  I so appreciate the testimony of one lady who shared how much she needed the encouragement of praying together and she felt convicted to start attending more regularly. 
 We were also encouraged by another lady who was a second time visitor.  She came Mother's day and returned last Sunday for both services.  She shared with one of our ladies how she was so surprised by the kindness that the people in our church showed one another as well as her.  She has visited many different churches and is often ignored and treated poorly.  This is just one more evidence of how the Gospel has effected our lives.  We praise God that this is evident to this lady. 

Now that May is wrapped up we are looking forward to our big June evangelistic outreach.  June 9th we have a choral group coming from São Paulo to present the Gospel through music.  Pray with us that many will visit to hear the good news. 


Vernon Costolo said...

praying for June!

Mark and Laura said...

We continue to pray for you all! So glad to see all that God is doing through your ministry! Love and miss you all!