Saturday, May 05, 2012

Birthday Post

Well, May first is my happy birthday, yep, one year older though I don't really feel older:)
 It was a great birthday.  We started a day early and drove up to Joinville to meet James parents and spend the day together.  We explored an old German settlement  and were just in awe of God's majestic creation.    

 Mary Ruth and I couldn't resist gathering up some new little flowers to add to our gardens.

James and the kids helped me collect a few rocks to take home to remember the day too!

 It was a typical Taylor, explore till you find something you enjoy.  We could hardly pull the kids off the rocks!  It is definitely a place we will be going back to. 

 On Tuesday, my actual birthday, we were surprised by one of our church families and neighbors who stopped by to drop off a present.  They shared a verse and prayed with us before heading out.  I am so thankful to have this family close by.  They have been a huge source of blessing since we have been back.

May first is Labor day here, and EVERYTHING is closed.  So as we sat quietly at home that evening I was SHOCKED to hear several cars pull up to the house and half the church pile out to celebrate with me!  I am in awe of God's lavish love that He pours out on me.  I cannot begin to express what a blessing it is to have people express their love for you when you are so far from "home."

Keep praying for our little group here that all of us will exalt Christ as our greatest treasure and not allow sin to creep in and steal our affection.



Vernon Costolo said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Christen! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your encouraging and smile-filled posts!

Phil Taylor said...

Thanks Christen for sharing your b'day pictures...and thanks for meeting us halfway to celebrate your special day...had so much made some more fond memories...we thank God for you Christen! Phil 1:3

Mark and Laura said...

Love your pictures from where you met Phil and Mary Ruth. What a beautiful place!

So neat to hear also about the blessing God gave you by your church family. I'm glad they made your day so special. God is good! =)

Love and miss you all!

Gretchen said...

What a fun birthday! I'm so glad you were blessed by your church family there! They must love you so much to reach out and shower you like that!

Anonymous said...

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