Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scattering Seed

Today was our monthly church activity.  This month we focused on an evangelistic outreach instead of a communion type activity.  

 The outreach was very simple;  split into groups of 2 or 3 adults, take two The Bridge tracts, and explain the Gospel using the tract (which has great visuals and lends itself to a quick visual presentation) to two people.    Simple right??  James says that when he led us in prayer right before we headed out that we all looked unmotivated and mostly scared.  But 16 of us went out and faced our fears.  When we all got back everyone was excited about how God had worked and is looking forward to making this a regular part of our church life.  James mentioned that for him the first two presentations he fought to overcome his fear.  The next three or four he was filled with compassion and thankful for the chance to share the good news with them. 

 I went out with 2 ladies, one an older believer but only 19 years old, the other was an older lady but young in the Lord, we also took along one kid.  The younger lady had never shared the Gospel with adults and all her street work was limited to inviting children to kids clubs or church events.  The other lady had watched others do it but was still not ready to share.  So, I jumped in with my foreign accent and weak Portuguese and talked to our first group with included 3 pre-teen boys.  I checked with Bruna to see if she wanted to talk to the next group we encountered and she said she was ready.  It happened to be 2 men out washing their car.  She did an excellent job presenting the Gospel and the men received us pretty well.  We ended up talking to an older lady at a bus stop, two teenage girls, the couple in the above photo, and ended with a group of three adults standing outside their home.  I was SO proud of Bruna for taking the courage to reach out to these people and share our greatest gift.  We PRAISE God that everyone listened and was willing to take the tract.    All in all, our 5 groups were out for an hour and talked to more than 30 groups of people!  God is SO good!    It is neat too that we only HAD to give out two tracts but everyone gave more!  

After the evangelistic activity we went out to visit one of our people who has recently moved.  We are so thankful that the door is still open to be involved in their lives.  Pray that Kelly will make efforts to worship with us at Redemption Baptist as there doesn't seem to be a good church close to her new home.  Pray for Rodrigo as he showed great interest as James read Scripture with him tonight.  He professes to have trusted in Christ last year but says he has fallen away due to laziness.  

God's Word was sown today in many hearts, PRAY that it will bear fruit. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The perfect day

Yesterday the kids didn't have school.  It is the the end of the first 6 weeks and so the teachers had a work day.  We decided to take the morning off and have some family time.  
We have been super busy with life and getting a handle on the ministry here the past few months.  Although we are together most of the time we haven't had the chance to just play together and interact as a family recently. 
 We headed to the little beach that is the closest to our house.  We walked and explored, collected lots of little rock and sticks.  James worked with Hannah, teaching her to skip rocks.  We ended up swimming even though we didn't bring our suits!  

 We brought our Bibles and chairs and enjoyed the quiet of the moment, kids playing happily in the water, to read side by side in the shade of some trees.  
For lunch we enjoyed peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, thanks to Laura for sending us a jar of Peanut butter!  Oh what a fun lunch!!!
Daniel bought his ball and was able to play a quick game with dad and the rest of us.  We were home by 1 pm in time to get some work done and still have time to make some visits. 
The whole morning was simple but I hope it reminded the kids that we love them
 and are interested in them and being with them. 

Monday, April 09, 2012

He Lives!

I wanted to share with you how we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord on Sunday. 

 James and I wrestled with the tomb that David made last year and finally got it looking pretty good there in the church.  We added the cross and a great pianist and we were ready to begin!  

 Daniel brought a visitor to church that morning, Gabriel.  This is a huge answer to prayer.  The first few weeks of school, this classmate would cuss in English at Daniel and because no one else could understand him he never got in trouble.  We prayed that God would close his mouth and stop the bullying.  God did far more than that.  Gabriel is now his friend and we were able to share the Gospel with him on Friday.  He came to both services on Sunday and we were able to meet his parents.  God is so good at answering above and beyond our expectations.  Pray that Gabriel would see his need and be saved. 
 We had a wonderful brunch to start our morning celebration. 
Hot dogs, Ham and cheese sandwiches, my family coffee cake and some chocolate candies!!!

 Each of the ladies jumped in and helped and it was a pleasant, stress-free morning.  

 We changed our morning service from just prayer to praise and prayer.  James reminded us that we will never be abandoned because Christ was.  Salvation is free and complete because Christ has risen!
 We headed home for a tasty lunch and a Resurrection PIE!!!

 Doesn't this just say, "HE IS RISEN!!!!"

 Sunday evening we had our main service.  We opened it up with a ladies group singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today."  The congregation joined in on the third verse and we had a wonderful time of praising our risen Lord together.
 We had a family visit for the first time with one of our regular families as well as man come back who has been visiting with us this month. 

 We invited Pr. Philip, aka Dad, to come and preach for us.  He challenged us from I Cor. 15 looking first at the hope we have in our Resurrected Lord, and knowing we too will one day be raised incorruptible.  So, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. 
Happy Ressurrection Day from the Taylors down in Brazil!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I am a worm

This week I have been listening to Revive our Heart radio program with Nancy Lee Demoss.  She has been doing a study on Psalm 22 which is the Psalm most quoted by Christ while on earth. 

Yesterday she focused on one of the verses where Christ says, "I am a worm..."   What did Christ mean when he said this? 

The word Worm in Hebrew in this text is not the normal word for worm.  It is the same word translated as Scarlet in Isa. "Though your sins be as SCARLET..."  The Hebrew word here Tola'ath means scarlet worm.  This is a worm common in Palestine.  When this scarlet worm is ready to have babies, she attaches herself permanently to a tree.  Then she lays her eggs under the protection of her body.  When the eggs are ready to hatch, she explodes her body which gushes out a scarlet dye which covers her babies and stains the tree.  Her life is given to provide new life for her young.  How incredible this imagery.  It so clearly points to Christ, who attached himself to a tree and then shed his blood staining the tree and giving me new life.

Pray with us that this Resurrection day Christ would be exalted and we would be transformed by the power or His RESURRECTION!