Thursday, March 22, 2012

I can hardly believe how long it has been since I have posted.  Time has been flying by.  Just when it seems we are getting into a good rhythm something comes our way to shake things up!  
On the Ministry Front:

It has been 2 weeks now since we took David & Sharon to the airport and we are starting to feel like we might actually be able to keeps things afloat while they are gone!!  We have had lots of good visits with the families in our church and are excited to hear how God is working in their lives. 

 We are so thankful for the spirit of love and support that God has blessed us with.  To fellowship and worship with those who desire to exalt Christ in their lives is so wonderful.

 We are thrilled to see even the smallest spark of hope that God is still working to draw people to Himself.  We pray that God will show Himself mighty in each of our families teaching us to be disciples who abide in the true vine.

On the Home Front:

 Here in Brazil, you never know what a day will bring;  
Cows making their way down your street, drinking from mud puddles and enjoying your grass... where they are off too, nobody knows:)

 Kitty cats sneaking in through the dryer exhaust hole and into the bed of her sweet owner...!

 Cool drawings of outer space decorating your room...
Daniel is currently studying space in his Geography class and got a 10 on his first test!  
(10  means 100)

 New friends playing together...
 A quick trip to Curitiba to see Grandpa & Granna. 

 A chance to enjoy churrasco and Brazilian coffee!

 Fun times with our MK friends!

Late night phone calls and returning home early to find your house invaded by thieves. 

Through it all we know more and more we take not one breath without our God.  

We cannot...
lead a church
teach a lady
do the dishes
hang the clothes
be safe
lead someone to Christ
be a disciple

Seek the Lord while He may be found!
Call to Him while He is near.

O Lord, how we need you.  
Help us to continually look to you.  
Move and change our lives.  
Make us  more like you. 


Anonymous said...

We love you ALL so much and miss you too! God is so good in every area when you KNOW He is on the throne. Just keep counting your blessing.

Vicki Reiner said...

I was sorry to hear about the robbery. May God continue to give you safety and settle your hearts and minds.

Mark and Laura said...

Great post! SO glad we got to talk yesterday. We are praying!