Friday, February 03, 2012

Wrapping things up...

Well, we are in the final days before our return to Brazil.  Sunday we were able to visit our last supporting church.  We are so blessed by the team God has given us that faithfully support and pray for us.   We are now busy wrapping up all the final details before leaving.  Here are some highlights...

Can you guess what we have been doing?  
One of the last things on my to-do list was finishing up the kids shots.  Hannah had a major cow, screaming bloody murder, and clearly yelling that she didn't want shots.  All this happened before the first one...  It went much better after that!!  
Jer was a little concerned for his turn after all the screaming but he was a real trooper and barely shed a tear. 

We celebrated our shots by taking them to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast.  It was the day they were giving away 3 chicken-mini's for free !!  Thanks Chick-fil-A!!

 We have also spend some time helping my parents work on one of their rental houses.  Getting our drivers license renewed, buying suitcases for Jeremiah, beginning the sorting and packing...

 We have been trying to get in all of the "lasts."  
We had to squeeze in one last lunch with Papa Honey and one last trip to What-A-Burger. 
(that was Daniel's request.)  One trip to Papasitos the best place to get fajitas (that was James' request.)  One last trip to Culvers to eat their fried cheese curds (that was my request!) 

 We have been able to help out with our sending churches Good News club at the local public school.  Monday we had one last chance to present missions as we were able to share what missions is with the kids.  This is an incredible opportunity to reach unchurched kids. 

 Tuesday we headed back to Memphis for one last visit with the cousins and to drop the van off at my sister's house.  We were so blessed to be able to use their van during our travels.  We praise the Lord that it ran well the entire 8 months.  

 This morning Aunt Rachel came over to spend the day with us and brought heart shaped donuts.  

 Then we all loaded up and headed to Shelby Farms.  

 Lots of fun to found here!
We are so thankful for one last beautiful day to play and laugh with family.  
And now it is time to start all our good-byes. 


David and Sharon Taylor said...

I'm sure this week of saying goodbyes will be hard and I'll be praying for you guys, but on the other hand, there are many people here waiting anxiously to see you all again. :) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Wow ...what a busy week. Glad you are able to be with family and get in all those "last." Praying you have a good trip back to Brazil.

Vernon Costolo said...

Praying for your trip back to Brazil!!