Saturday, February 25, 2012

Uniting the Family

Today Redemption Baptist Church  spent the day together out in the country, away from the city and all the normal busyness that fills our days.  We were all looking forward to this time of bonding between the three new families that have started coming to our church and our original group. 

It was a tropical paradise and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with several of the ladies walking and exploring God's amazing variety of plants.    We each collected several little plants from the wild to take home for our gardens.  Mine are already in the ground and enjoying the rain God has sent our way. 

 The kids enjoyed playing the the little creek, swimming in the pool, hiking the trails and just playing with friends, both old & new.  

Of course we grilled some awesome Brazilian beef! 

Rook, Uno, volleyball, football, hiking...  We all had great time just being together.  

After lunch we had a time in the Word and discussed what is Biblical communion/fellowship.  It was neat to hear what others are learning and being challenged by in the Word.

We are so thankful for how God is working and building His church here in Sao Jose.  In addition to our newer converts, God has recently brought some older believers to our fellowship.  We are thoroughly enjoying the new friendships and biblical discussions.  We are encouraged by their hunger for the Word and excitement about what they are learning through expositional preaching.

We were so thankful to have renewed friendship with old friends and are still praying that God will continue to bring them to Salvation.  Will you pray that God will continue to build His church and open peoples eyes to the Glories of His Gospel?


Vernon Costolo said...

Very Nice!

Mark and Laura said...

Looks like a great time of fellowship! I'm so glad you all are getting to know your new people and enjoying your times of fellowship. We continue to pray for you all everyday!

Pr. Rafael said...

Hi, I'm Pastor Rafael, i Live in Brazil - goiania - Goias. I Would Like to help you - missionaries here in Brazil. send me a message, so i can make something! Soldiers of God! God Bless You.