Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things!

Sunday  morning we attended out first prayer meeting since our return.  It was so wonderful to praise God for His attributes, pray for transformation in our lives, and  intercede for the lost around us.  I left more in awe of our Awesome God, and encouraged by the openness of our new group to share their struggles spiritually so that we could pray for each other more effectively. 

After church we all went out to lunch together to celebrate the birthday of one of the men.   I SO enjoyed some authentic Brazilian churrasco!  It was also another great opportunity to get to know some of the new families that have started coming to our church while we were gone.  

Sunday night we had a full house!  It was great singing with so many people to the GLORY of God!  David brought a great message on God being glorified in Jesus, specifically His death on the cross. We were challenged to live as if Christ is truly glorious and not allow other smaller glories to replace Him in our lives.

 Monday evening while we were eating dinner, Sharon heard a truck coming down the street selling grapes from Rio Grande do Sul.  We were able to buy 5 boxes for 10 reais.  They are wonderfully sweet and we have been enjoying them ever since.  I am excited about the boxes themselves too as I have great plans of painting them and hanging them on the walls of the kids' rooms some day:) 

Tuesday James and I were able to decide on a  car.  It is so stressful to try and decide since we are not mechanics:)  so we continued in prayer, did everything we could to be wise,  (ie taking it to a mechanic for a quick look,) and then we gave them a low offer on the car.  They accepted it and so we are now the proud owners of a Renault Scenic.  Although it called a "minivan" it is really just a bigger car.  It has a nice sized back seat that will allow us to squeeze in more people for church and a great sized trunk for trips.  We are very thankful for God's provision for us in this regard.

 Tuesday night as we were on our way to visit one of the families in the church, we walked past some trees and a kitten ran out crying for us to pick her up.  She was abandoned and so Hannah finally has her cat.  She has been praying and waiting for a cat for more than a year.  Hannah and Jer are currently praying that our dogs won't eat the cat!  (They are still getting used to each other.)
 Daniel and Hannah both started school this week.  Daniel goes in the morning and Hannah in the afternoon.  They are both doing great, relearning the language and even learning some new things.  The schedule is working out well as one of them is always home to play with Jer and the cousins.  They  have been getting along so well.  We are so thankful for this time with David and Sharon before they head back for furlough.

 It is summertime here and pretty warm.  I think we are all adjusting well to the heat.  The past 2 days the city has shut off the water so we are in water conservation mode.  This means you can't do laundry or take as many showers.  With 9 people sharing the water here I am praying that we don't completely run out.  This is one of my greatest stresses about living here--running out of water completely.  No flushing the toilet, washing dishes or showering.  Pray that it comes on tonight as scheduled. 
 James is busy studying for the Sunday and Wednesday services as David is traveling today to speak at a conference in Rio.  Thanks for your prayers on our behalf.  We are constantly reminded that we CANNOT do anything without Him.  We need His wisdom and strength in every aspect of our lives.  Pray that as we live and serve here that the fragrance of Christ will flow from us and other would see the truth of what we are sharing. 
 This is our new puppy.  He is the son of our dog and David's dog.  
We call him Tiger and the cat is Patch


Vicki Reiner said...

Glad to catch up with the recent events. Praying with you!

Mark and Laura said...

Great to talk to you as well as read your blog! We will keep praying as you all transition back into like there.

Love and miss you all!

Rachel said...

So excited to hear how the ministry is going! Missing ya'll already, but glad you are where God wants you. =) Um grande abraco!

Phil Taylor said...

Thanks for good to see how the Lord is working in your lives...congrats on the new car, dog, & I

Vernon Costolo said...

Continuing to pray for you guys. Wonderful things are happening..Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends, my name is Grace and I'm a Brazilian woman 55 years old converted to Jesus 3 years ago that decided to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul and possibilities for the rest of my life. I found out your lovely blog (and your lovely family, as well)and decided to contact you. I'm in São Francisco do Sul/SC and I have 2 adopted kids, a white boy 7 years old and a black girl 5 years old. I would like to know you better and offer my friendship to you. My email is