Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

Last week Hannah turned eight years old.  It is hard to believe our little girl is getting so grown up.  This year Daddy bought her a special dress, fit for a princess.  
All evening she worked hard at acting like a princess. 

This year for Christmas she got an American Girl doll, Emily.  
Emily got a princess dress too.  

 Memaw & Papaw found a crown and a scepter for our little princess to wear all day on her birthday.  Everywhere we went people wished her Happy Birthday and sang to her!   

 Going to a Sea Turtle farm was a highlight of Hannah's day.  She was chosen to hold the baby sea turtles first.  She laughed as he clapped his fins up and down until he felt secure in her hands. 

 We ended our time at the turtle farm by snorkeling with the turtles and other fish.  What an amazing view of God's creation.  Thanks Grandpa for taking us to do this!

 That night at dinner she got to open up her presents.  Memaw & Papa got her the Princess and the Kiss book as well as a new dress for Emily.  

 Aunt Sharon & Uncle David got her her first pair of earrings.

 Aunt Laura & Uncle Mark got her a fun craft for her and Emily to make.

 Happy Birthday Hannah we love you so much!

 We are thrilled to see you try hard things.  You are courageous with new people and new situations. Keep looking to God for strength to face your fears.  

 We are so blessed to see you and your brothers love, protect and help each other.  

We love your fun spirit - Keep shining for Jesus little Princess!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sun & Snow

We have had several fun family outings recently.  We celebrated the new year in the traditional Armitage way with a trip to Galveston Island.  We had a great time playing on the beach with everyone.  

Today we FINALLY got to see a little snow!  We are up in Kansas City for our last meeting and my brother took us out for snow tubing.   Although it was sunny & warm we enjoyed some great snow time.  


We are so grateful to our gracious God for each of these fun times with our loved ones.  As our departure draws near we are storing up precious memories.