Monday, November 28, 2011

A look into the Armitage Family Thanksgiving

This is the first time that I have been with my family for Thanksgiving since 2006.  It is hard to believe that so much time has passed.   This will be a quick peek into our special day.
We started off our morning with our traditional  sour cream coffee cake with the "Taste of Texas" cinnamon coffee!

 While we waited for the 23lb turkey to cook, we passed the time playing games like Connect 4 and 
Electronic checkers.  Daniel learned all of Papa's tricks and is pretty hard to beat now!

 Hannah helped out in the kitchen.  Here she is serving up our traditional cranberry salad!  We can't get cranberries in Brazil, so this was a real treat!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandpa Newell brought a short devotional on being thankful and we all took time to praise our God!

There's never a shortage of family fun at the Armitage house!

Saturday morning we hit the road again, heading up to Kansas City for our last meeting of this year.  We stopped at Jack in the box and were excited to pick up a holiday Jack to take along for the ride!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a Christ filled December!  
The Taylors

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

James' Happy Feet

                                                                             Today we had to retire from active duty James' New Balance running shoes.  After racking up more than 500 miles of training in the past 5 months, they were feeling pretty broken down.
We headed to the experts at Fleet Feet in Memphis to have them refit his feet.   

They put him on a treadmill to video his stride and foot strike patterns...

And after experimenting with several pairs, we found a perfect fit.  

He now has 3 weeks to break these new shoes in before his big day,
The St. Jude Memphis Marathon!  
(that is 26.2 miles for anyone who didn't know:)
December 3, 2011

 Good lessons learned at Fleet Feet :)

 Sorry Daniel, color isn't everything! But we do love those colors!  
Viva Brasil!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Weekend to Remeber

Last weekend truly was a memory filled weekend!  It began by celebrating Jeremiah's fifth birthday (highlighted in my last blog.)  My mom and I then separated from the group and headed into downtown Indy for the Revive '11 leadership conference with Nancy Lee DeMoss.

We met up with fellow pastor's wife and friend, Jacquie.

We were so challenged by the messages as well as the time for reflection and prayer.  This is really a conference like none other.  It is focused on the Word of God and the power of Christ to change lives.  If you are a woman looking for a conference to attend next year, I would highly recommend                    True Woman '12.
Mom and I enjoying our boxed lunch, A yummy wrap!
When the conference ended Saturday afternoon, Mom and I headed over to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fellowship Baptist Church.  
Grandpa started this church with the help of my Aunt and Uncle when we were still kids.  It is so neat to see how God has worked preserving the church and using it for His glory and honor. 
Grandpa sharing the history of the church and a challenge from the Word Saturday evening. 

We also really enjoyed time with family that we don't often see.
My mom and her brother Gary. 
Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch together that was served by some dear people from Maranatha Baptist church.  It was so neat to see fellow believers stepping in to serve and make the day extra special for the Fellowship family.
My Aunt Donna was able to join us on Saturday evening but due to health reasons she missed out on the Sunday celebrations.  Please pray for her as she has just finished back surgery and is recovering from that, as well as fighting a newly diagnosed cancer.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jeremiah

Friday November 4, Jeremiah turned 5 years old.  It was fun this year to be in Danville, IL where he was born! 
The Tuesday before his birthday we got to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese with a fellow 5 year old!

Friday we were able to meet my Mom and Grandpa in Indianapolis for a special birthday lunch!         

Jeremiah is so full of life!    He moves in high speed unless it is something new and then he slams on the breaks!  Once he is comfortable, he speeds right back up:)  

We pray for him that he would grow up into a godly man of faith.   A man who loves the Lord and loves others.  We pray that we have wisdom in raising him, humility in teaching him and compassion in loving him.   Thank you Lord for these past five years!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Christ Centered Parenting

I have been reading the book, Give them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson for about two weeks now.  I have been convicted, upset, challenged and can honestly feel the Spirit working in me and changing me. 

Is my parenting simply moralistic or truly CHRISTian?  Am I teaching my kids that they are "good" and need to earn their standing with me and with God by continuing in that goodness?  Am I reminding my kids of the mighty works of God in the Bible, in Salvation, in our family history?  Am I DAZZLING them with the incomprehensible love of GOD? 

  "God so loved you that he sent his Son to rescue you from the punishment that was due you for your sins.  These are the sins you committed as a child, sins you committed before you were a believer, and the ones you’ve committed today.  He has seen all your sins:  your selfishness, anger, laziness, and pride, and he has LOVED you.  To rescue you, his Son was sent from heaven, his home, to be born as a human baby, live a perfect life, suffer in shame and humiliation on Calvary, rise again after three days, and then ascend to the right hand of his Father, where he watches over you and redeems every facet of your life, including your parenting.  He has promised to use everything in your life for your good and his glory.  This is the kind of watchful, fatherly love he has for you, if you have put your trust in Him.   He is the perfect parent, and this record of perfection has been transferred to you,  if you have put your trust in him.  Your children's salvation doesn't depend on you any more than your own salvation did. He is a wonderful Father.  You can rest in his everlasting arms – now."
       (Give them Grace pg. 29)
With this in mind, am I trying to live in the law, forgetting the sphere of Grace in which I now reside as a believer?  Am I teaching my kids to do the same?  I need to remind myself that I can do nothing good on my own, and neither can my children.  They cannot love their sister and they need to learn that!  Instead of always telling them
YES, you CAN obey!  Just do it!  - We need to tell them you CAN'T, and then remind them that Jesus' death not only provided for forgiveness of your sin, but also the power to obey.  Then we can pray together  asking that Jesus would help them obey.  And when they do obey, don't give them the glory, "good girl!, I knew YOU could do it!", Join with them in praising God that He helped them obey!

These are just some thoughts I have mulling over.  Check out the book, it is the most Christ-centered parenting book that I have seen.