Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Precious Moments

Today at lunch my kids were talking about how they prayed last night before bed. Daniel has been talking with Jer the past few nights about salvation, heaven and hell. Last night they seemed to have focused on prayer. Here are so exerts from the conversation:

Jer - "Daniel prayed for me."
Hannah - "I prayed for you too."
Jer - "You can't pray for me, only boys pray for me!"

I hugged them all and told them that nothing makes me happier than to hear that they were praying together last night. As I was holding Hannah she said,

"I prayed that I wouldn't love clothes so much and that I would love God and church because that is where we learn about God. " I hugged her and she whispered in my ear,
"I also prayed the plane won't crash.
"It won't." I said.
"If it does, it's okay, I know where you all are going." Hannah said with a smile.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lessons from the Gospel

Today during our ladies Bible study on submission, we ended up discussing God's view on marriage. It was an amazing honor to be able to share with 4 ladies what God's plan is. I feel fairly certain that none of them had ever heard that marriage pictures Christ's love for the church and that for this reason marriage is good and valuable.

Two of our ladies have families with men that are not their husbands. They speak as if they are married, using words like husband, wife, mother-in-law, etc. yet they have never actually married. The culture here has so twisted marriage that we actually had to define what we mean by "marriage." Sometimes it is hard to speak the truth but today it felt like an honor. God has been working in their hearts and it was sad yet sweet to see the conviction of living in sin flash across their faces as they realize they are not obeying God in this area. Then the hope that comes from knowing that God is ready to forgive and you can make the situation right by marrying the man you have built a family with.

Starting a church is SO much more than we originally thought. A church is PEOPLE. There is nothing so wonderful and so difficult as teaching them and disciplining them.

Walking home from the study today, my friend, a new convert said,
"I told her, 'going to church doesn't make you not sin, it teaches you that when you do sin, you look to the Cross, remembering that Christ died there, shedding His blood to forgive your sins so you no longer have to live in those sins.'"

Little did she know that I (the mature Christian, the pastors wife,) needed to be reminded of that. My worthiness to teach the Gospel isn't based on my goodness or righteousness (which isn't all that good), it is based on God's righteousness and His grace to me on the cross.