Thursday, February 17, 2011

Culto em Casa

Saturday we tried a new way of reaching out. We decided to start a monthly service in the home of one of our people. They would then invite all their neighbors and friends. We were hoping that the more informal environment would encourage new comers to visit at least once and thus hear the gospel.

We did the trial run at our house and besides inviting all our church people, James invited about 15 of our neighbors. It RAINED the entire day but graciously, about 2 hours before we were scheduled to start, God dried things up.

We were surprised to see the almost all of our regular people came out, along with one visitor.

We had a great time of fellowship and our people are excited for their turn to host a service at their home.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ministry-Coaster

The past week and a half has been a real emotional roller coaster. One of our people started visiting another church. Even after we warned her of all the false doctrine that they teach she still went to a weekend retreat with them. She came back from the conference and had stopped smoking, (PTL) and decided to get baptized in their church this Sunday.

Yesterday David & Sharon went over to try one more time to try and reason with her to follow the truth of God's Word and not be led astray by sensationalism.

I cannot tell you how our hearts hurt over the loss of a sheep, someone that we have literally poured our lives into for more than 6 months. We have prayed and cried and believed for God's best, for her to remember the truths we had taught and for her to follow Christ.

I know that anyone out there in ministry may be thinking, only 6 months, that is nothing, we poured .... years into so and so. But still, I think the hurt and discouragement will be similar.

Christ has continually been reminding me that He needs to be my joy. I need to focus on Him and let His peace fill me instead of dwelling on people and what I cannot change. He must be my Sufficiency.

But at times the doubt just creeps in. God, why isn't your Word enough? We are faithfully teaching it, why aren't lives changing? What are we even doing here? We are not effective. God why aren't you building your church here?

But, the truth is, He is building His church in His way and in His time.

Yesterday as David & Sharon went to try one more time to get her to reconsider, they were well received. After 2 hours of talking and sharing the Word, she saw the she was being led astray. She was seeing that there were inconsistencies with what they were teaching and what she knew from the Word. Please continue to pray with us that she will leave this church and come back to fellowship with us and eventually be baptized not for salvation but out of obedience to God.

Even as James and I are filled with doubt about what God will do in her life, He is working in others.

Last night, David had a Bible study with our longest contact and friend here. As David prayed at the close of a study on salvation by faith alone, our friend also prayed expressing that he wanted to follow Christ. PTL!!!!!

As he arrived home, he found his girlfriend reading a devotional book along with a Bible. This morning he shared with David that he thinks she may have accepted Christ. Either way, it is clear to see that God is at work.

I cannot tell you the last time I remembered to specifically pray for her salvation yet in all this time God has been working to draw both of them to Himself. He is building His Church for His glory and not ours.

Pray for us that our sufficiency would be Christ. That His joy and peace would fill our hearts no matter what the circumstances are. That we would be faithful to proclaim the Gospel no matter the outcome.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daniel's Poems

Today I had Daniel write a couple of poems for school. This first one is a catalog poem, the second is a Lune which has to have 3 lines with a certain number of words per line. Hope you enjoy!

Catalog Poem:
My little brother Jer
who loves to play with cars
who loves to do puzzles
who loves to color
who loves to buy candy.


My sister Hannah
loves to play with friends
and loves Jer

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fruit of Grace

"God accepts you despite the fact that you have angered him with an infinite offense. God accepts you even though you must be perfect, but you cannot be. God sent his Son to do what you cannot. He lived a perfect life in your place. He bore the Father's just wrath for your infinitely heinous sins. He did this despite the fact that it would have been completely just for him to leave you in your sins. He did this despite any lack of need in himself. His only motive was sheer, overwhelming, incomprehensible love."

"All Christian obedience and service (including parenting) is a response to this amazing grace."

William P. Farley Gospel-Powered Parenting pg. 100

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ladies Bible Study

I mentioned in our last blog that we were going to be starting a ladies Bible Study. Well, today was the day!

We had 3 of our regular church ladies attend and we think they all really liked it. Andreia played the guitar as we sang 2 songs to get things started and then we had a short segment on how to study the Word in their homes. This study was to kind of jump start them into having personal devotions.

The main lesson was based on Psalm 19. They went through it with me identifying the different names for the Word of God, ie. Law, Commandments etc. Then we looked at the the characteristics of the Word, ie. trustworthy, perfect etc. Then we closed by looking at the benefits of the Word, ie, revives the soul, brings joy to the heart and more. Having all these characteristics and benefits listed on the board was such an encouragement. It really made me question why I am slow to obey an Amazing God whose ways are best.

Pray for them as this week they will be studying portions of Psalm 119 as well as begin reading Feminine Appeal.