Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Texas

 My kids got to participate in our home church's Christmas program this year and it was precious for me to see Daniel and Hannah so willing to participate.
It was especially neat to see Daniel sing with my Dad.

Jeremiah was supposed to sing with them but backed out at the last minute!  :)

The closer we got to Christmas, the more family arrived!  The girls had a great time going out for tea and some window shopping at Old Town Spring.  We even met a Brazilian lady and had a good time practicing our Portuguese.
Christmas Eve we had our traditional finger foods.  Little Smokies, nachos, cheese ball, summer sausage and more!  We had a veggie tray too, just so you don't think we only ate junk!!

We had a Christmas Eve Service at church that night and it was such a blessing.  Rachel and Albert did all the accompaniment and James led us in the reading of several passages of Scripture as well as singing. 

Back at home, the kids quoted Mark 2:7-14.  It was so special to hear them all as they shared the true meaning of Christmas.

We opened the long awaited presents...

Then Christmas morning we headed back to church to Celebrate the birth of our Savior.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us in Texas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Goodies

I wanted to share this fun festive idea for Christmas treats.  
Rice Crispy Treat Ornaments.  
Make your basic rice crispy treat recipe and rolling the mixture into balls with buttered hands.  
Then roll them in sugar crystals and then top them with rolo candies, attached with a toothpick.  
They make such a festive centerpiece!
 My mom & the kids made some cool sugar cookies on Saturday.  I loved the creative ways they decorated them.  They were so fun and colorful. 
Sunday night was our church Christmas program and these were the treats we took to share.  
Have you made anything fun this year? 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December in Texas

Welcome to the Armitage home in December!  I thought I would give you a peek into all the fun memories we have been making with my family this Christmas.  
 My Mom and Daniel started a 30 day fitness challenge.  
I have often caught them upstairs, working out with the Wii! 

 Looking good!  Jeremiah "works out" too when he feels the need. 
It always makes me laugh to see him stretching and doing sit-ups!

 We have spent time making lots of Christmas stuff.  One day we made Candy Cane hearts to give out to friends.  They look super cute hanging on our tree in the mean time. 

 Are we done yet?????

 We made stained glass ornaments
Step 1 - place small glass beads into metal shapes
Step 2 - bake for 25 minutes
 Wa-la!  The coolest glass ornaments ever!  

 We have enjoyed some great morning coffee breaks!  With yummy Christmas snacks :)

 We have had lots of cookie baking times recently and I sure there will be more in the future!  

 There is ALWAYS time for wrestling with Papa!  
(Can you tell from the blurs that this was an action shot!)

 Fun double-dates with my parents! 

And, an AWESOME time at the Handel's Messiah!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sharing the Greatest Gift

Tonight was our annual Christmas Parade here in Humble, TX.  My mom had ordered 500 CandyMaker tracts.  Hannah stamped them all the church info. and Daniel stapled little candy canes to each tract.  We got to the parade about 30 minutes early and were able to pass out all 500 tracts in about 30 minutes.  It was so encouraging to see how happy people were to receive a candy cane and to know they held in their hand a brief summary of God's Redemptive Plan.  

Thanksgiving weekend, my mom, brother, Daniel and I spent an afternoon putting up all my mom's Christmas lights.  While we were out, lots of the neighborhood kids helped out and talked about how pretty it was. 

 It was dark as we finished the lights and one of the little girls on the street told me that Santa was really going to like our house.  I told her that I knew Jesus was sure going to like it and I pointed her to my Mom's nativity scene.  I asked her if she knew that Christmas was a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  She had never heard the true meaning of Christmas.  Both my mom and I  had the chance to talk to a group of about 7 kids and share the Gospel around her nativity that evening.  I was stunned to learn that here in America, so many children are growing up with no basic Christian teachings.  So I would challenge you, don't assume they know that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  We are living in a mission field right here in the United States.

One of the projects I am doing with my kids this week is to take two candy canes and glue them together to make them into a heart.  We will then attach a little card with a verse and a quote about the Gospel.  I am planning to give them out to people as gifts.  What can you do to share our Greatest Gift this Christmas season?