Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gettin' in the Groove!

The past 2 weeks we have spent trying to get into our new groove. After all the activities in July there are so many people to follow up on as well as continuing the work with those we have been working with over the past few months.

James and I are both doing Discipleship classes on Thursday afternoons. I am so excited to be doing my first adult bible study ALONE! I am working with Tereza (in the pink). We have been doing Bible studies with her since about March, and in May their whole family began coming to church with us on Sundays. Tereza is now professing to be a believer and so we decided that it would be good to do a discipleship study with her. It is so neat to see her get excited about studying the Word of God.

James was going each Sunday to pick up the whole family for church. (Pictured above) We were all very excited when she told James they would be walking to church starting in August. It is just another sign that they are growing and desiring to come and worship God . They haven't missed a Sunday since they began and are now coming on Sunday evenings too. Another very encouraging note, is that Tereza has been witnessing to a friend and neighbor as well as inviting her to church. Continue to pray for her spiritual growth.Rafael, James, Daniel

We had one profession of Salvation during our 2nd week of club. This boy, Ricardo, has been coming on Sundays for a while now and after the club, James decided to do a discipleship study with him. We decided to include Daniel and one other boy, Rafael, who is showing some fruits of salvation. James has been very encouraged by their participation and interest.

Andrea, Tereza, Kelly

Kelly, a young woman we met at the 2nd club expressed and interest in doing a bible study so James and I have gone to her home the past 2 weeks and done a study on the Gospel. Yesterday she professed to being a christian and I was encouraged to see the excitement in her eyes as well as her yearning to study the Word of God. Pray for her to have a clear understanding of the Gospel as well as for her to begin coming to church on Sundays.

James and I have begun two other studies in the past 2 weeks that were nothing we planned or expected. Yet, God continues to use us in our weakness. James went over to a contacts house to do a one-on-one evangelistic study and it turned into a reading class. This man has been coming to church pretty regularly but has had difficulty really understanding because he only finished second grade. He asked James to teach him to read and our weakness His is strong. Pray for wisdom as James works with this man, we pray that he would understand and accept Christ as his Savior.

Andrea, pictured above, is a contact and professing believer from our first clubs last year. She has been growing and seems to really be seeking the Lord. She just recently began taking a free English class from some area Mormon Missionaries. We have been concerned about this but were praying for protection for her. Recently she got a new job and can't get to class. She was telling me that the Mormons had offered to do a private class for her in her home, but they hadn't scheduled a time yet. I jumped right in and said, "Oh, I can teach you, come on Mondays." James wasn't there to confirm with but I just so wanted to have her away from their influence. James was very supportive and we have had one class so far. Pray for me that I will do a good job.

Teaching Reading to an adult and English as a foreign language is not what we pictured we would be doing as missionaries. But we know that God working in all things and we are trying to wisely use the opportunities that He sets before us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our First Preaching Service

Yesterday we had our first full day of Sunday services. We have been doing a Sunday morning study for almost a year and over time we have had more and more people coming and we finally felt it was time to offer an evening preaching service.

We started inviting our contacts to our morning bible study over a year ago. We have been so thankful for and encouraged by our friend who faithfully came alone to study the word with us for so long. After a few months of switching week to week from our house to Davids house, we decided to chose one firm location so that they would always know where we were meeting.

I think one of the hardest Sunday's was Easter 2010. By then we had almost been here a year and had invited many to come and Easter Sunday arrived and at 10:15 no one was there but us. What to us believers is one of the most exciting days of the year was passing without notice to everyone else. But, at about 10:17, our good friend and first convert showed up. He had been out buying the traditional chocolate egg for his family and was running late! So once more, we had our Bible study with just us and our friend.

Over the past few months, our Sunday morning studies have been running near 6-10 adults and 8 -12 kids. We have several possible converts and felt it was time to start the next service.

We were so thankful for these 7 people who came out to our first preaching service.

David preached and shared that it was so neat to see the light come on for several of the adults as this is the first time they had heard expository preaching.

Pray for us as David & James preach through the book of Colossians in the evening services.
This month James started a series in our childrens church on the attributes of God. He will finish out the month and then trade with David. Sharon and I are taking turns with the nursery.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Sweet Boy - Jeremiah

Recently, Jeremiah has claimed Daniel's bible as his own. He carries it all over the house and is always looking at the pictures or pretending to read Leviticus!

This week he wanted to home school with us so I had him work in little book I had. When he finished I said,
"Do you want to go outside and play?"
"Nope," he said, " I want to read my Bible."

Daniel and I were already sitting on the couch with our books and he just hopped up there too. He stayed for about 15 minutes just looking at and reading his Bible. Later that night he came and said, "I am going to bed, Can I read my bible for while?"
I asked, "Do you want some other books to look at too?"
"Nope," he said, "Just my Bible."

That night as I prayed with him, I prayed that one day he would love God as much as he loves his Bible.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taylor "Fam" Time

We had the rare and great opportunity for all the Taylor clan to be together
for about a week in July.
Rachel flew in at the beginning of the month to spend part of her
summer break here in the Cold South of Brazil!
Here are just some simple snap shots of our time together.
Burger King has just opened 2 restaurants in our city so we HAD to enjoy that together. The only place in Brazil with free refills!
Do we look happy???
Especially Grandpa!!

Sunday Night David made us a camp fire and we roasted marshmallows and had smores, (Thanks Rachel!)The kids loved the fire as well as the dogs!

We pulled out the guitar and had a great time singing too.
The kids always love time with Aunt Rachel as she is so good to just sit down and play with them and talk to them. (Thanks Rachel for always showing them so much love by the way you treat them.)Off to the beach...

We went for a hike near the beach and David laid down to take a little rest, this stray dog came up and started licking him and stayed with us so long, we nick named him our guide dog as he led us around the rocks!

Great views...

Good company...

Sweet Bundles...

Heading home...

We had so much fun together and were again reminded of the blessing
it is to have family time that honors God.

Thanks for coming Rachel!
Come back now ya hear!
We'll leave the light on for ya!

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Most Valuable Treasure-Club 2

Well, we have officially finished our winter break clubs!! Last Monday & Tuesday 11 people arrived from Curitiba to help us out with our club. We were able to use the gym of the school that is located right between our home & David's home. So, Monday - Friday, July 26-30 at 4:30 we were ready to teach the kids about our most valuable treasure - Jesus Christ!

We met each morning to have a bible study together. James and David took turns challenging us on godly ambition. It was so encouraging to be reminded that when I fail as a mother, wife or missionary; I can, as a Child of God, a person in Christ, ask for forgiveness and press on, knowing that I am approved in Christ.

The main meal of each day, we contracted out to one of David & Sharon's neighbors. She is a cook and made the most wonderful food. She cooked it all on an old-fashioned wood burning stove in her garage.

This day was a special bean dish that she cooked with various parts of a pig. I experimented with pork feet, I think:) I have to say the meat tasted normal, there just wasn't much meat on them:)

Monday our club started with about 45 kids. The gym worked out great but God used several "surprises" to help teach us to be flexible and roll with the punches.

Pr. Johnny, Sharon's Dad, wrapped up 3 of our days with a painting/evangelism time. It was amazing to see how riveted the kids were by the art in front of them. We are so thankful for the clear presentation of the Gospel each of the 5 days. The last day Pr. Johnny talked about the wrath of God and his hatred for sin. He used the examples of the flood and the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. It was a hard message, but it brought so much hope when he finished with the cross. Reminding us that God is Love and He provided a way for us to escape His wrath by sacrificing His perfect son in our place. Incomprehensible.

Painting evangelism

Bible Stories


Great help from our friends here in Sao Jose

FUN games

We had one boy who professed salvation during the week. This young man has been coming to our Sunday school for about 4-6 weeks. We were so excited to see how earnest he is to learn. I am not sure if any of you remember Mrs. M, but this is her grandson.

We also did more religious surveys during the week and counted 30 houses who were interested in a further visit and Bible study.

This week we had almost 50 kids per day. Sometimes a few over and other times a few under. It was really a great size group.

  • Pray for us as we have around 100 kids we can follow-up on from the 2 weeks of club as well as these 30 homes to visit. We were also really thankful for a new friend we made this week. She brought her 5 year old daughter to club each day and stayed for the program. She is very interested in learning more and we are looking forward to visiting her in her home and studying the Word together.
  • Pray that this time would bear great fruit here for the Lord and that many would be saved.
  • Pray for us as Sunday, August 8th, we will be adding an evening service. We have been meeting in the mornings and finally feel like it is time to offer more services. Pray that God will bring more people to hear about His great salvation.